No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About It

Grayslake, #1

You're moving into the home your grandfather left you. Boxes are everywhere and suddenly you hear something or someone in the pantry. What do you do? If you are Mia Baker you go and check it out. Upon finding a bear cub you have some new decisions to make. If it is a real bear cub, you run like crazy and hope momma doesn't eat you. If it is a werebear cub you still may want to run in hopes that momma doesn't eat you. Mia does neither, she goes in and tries to coax the cub out. When someone starts pounding on her door demanding to be let in, frightening the cub, you promise to protect it and go face a drunken angry werebear demanding you return his cub immediately.

Sheriff Ty Abrams arrives on the scene in time to save Mia from the drunken werebear shifting to attack her. Mia's grandfather was a werebear shifter and her father is half werebear who is able to shift, so she is aware of their ways.

Ty is Itan of the Grayslake Clan. He is drawn to Mia like no one before. More than that, his bear is as well. To keep her and the cub safe he takes them to his home within the bear den. He hopes he can convince her to stay as his Itana. Problems abound with someone trying to kill the cub, the takeover of another clan, a kidnapping, an uneasy alliance and a fight to the death. With so much taking place how will Ty be able to claim Mia and have his clan accept her as the new Itana?

I could not wait to read this new book from Celia Kyle. It was full of action from the start that was so enthralling I could not put the book down. It was filled with characters that capture your imagination so much I could envision them in my mind so clearly. By the end of the book I wanted a visit to Grayslake, Georgia and to cuddle a bear cub of my own. Perhaps find a werebear to share that life with as well.

I await the next installment of Grayslake Clan soon. Until it arrives you may want to try one of Celia Kyle's other series. It will not be long before you add Celia Kyle to your favorites list.

Book Blurb for No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About It

The first day of Mia’s new life in Grayslake, Georgia is not going as planned. The house her grandfather left her looks ready to crumble, boxes cover every inch of the floor and—oh—there’s a bear cub in her pantry. It gets worse when the cub’s uncle comes by and busts out his fur and claws while on her front porch. Then it gets loads better because suddenly there’s a hot hunk of badge-wearing werebear on her lawn ready to rescue her. Yum. Of course, he has to ruin things by trying to take the cub out of her hands. Ha! The cub is hers… No ifs, ands, or bears about it.

Werebear Ty can’t seem to get the curvaceous, delectable Mia to understand that, even if she is one-quarter werebear, she isn’t keeping the cub. Ty is the Grayslake Itan, the clan’s leader, and the little werebear is going home with him… Unless it isn’t. It’s her smile. If she’d stop smiling and being gorgeous, his inner-bear would support him and Ty would get his way. But the beast wants to make their woman happy, so it’s perfectly content to let her do as she pleases. Then things change. Threats arise, danger comes close, and Ty demands she return to his den. No ifs, ands, or mates about that.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.50