Mo's Heart

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Mo's Heart

Miracle Interrupted #5

This is so great, it is time to return to visit our friends in Miracle, Wisconsin. The fifth installment of Miracle Interrupted by Edie Ramer has to do with Mo Vincent, owner of the restaurant Mo's Place, and his sous chef, the beautiful Rosa Fabrini, who was mentioned throughout the series but mostly in Miracle Pie. Rosa is in the process of divorcing her cheating scumbag of a soon to be ex-husband. Something her son, Nick, is not happy about and wants to rectify by having his parents get back together. Something that is encouraged, his father, the scumbag.

Mo has had his eye on Rosa practically since the day he came to Miracle Place, but would never act on it for two reasons. First off he is still married and has a teenage son and the mob is after him to kill him. Rosa's Ex is telling everyone that will listen the they are getting back together and even moves back into the family home making it necessary for Rosa to move out. All this is in the first 30 pages and this book and it never lets up from there. The first time I read Mo's Heart I began after a day that began before three that morning and it was almost 4 am when I could put it down.

You will find this book like all the books set in Miracle, Wisconsin to be fun, with more than a touch of humor. Pick up a copy today. It will give you a gate way to Miracle and your friends that live there. This is Edie Ramer’s best book in the series so far. They just keep getting better with each new book. I can't wait to read Book 6.

Book Blurb for Mo's Heart

The Mafia comes to Miracle, Wisconsin...

Mo Vincent, the owner of Mo’s Place, is in agony because his soon-to-be divorced sous-chef is dating – but not him. He has his reasons for not asking her out. He did the right thing back in New Jersey, and it cost him his son, his wife, his restaurant. Now he’s found a home in Miracle. The village has accepted him, and his new restaurant is doing well. He should be content with what he has...but his heart wants more.

Chef Rosa Fabrini’s divorce is one signature away when her cheating husband returns home and expects her to forgive him. Her lawyer is AWOL, and her youngest son is demanding she take his father back. Desperate to escape the turmoil, she asks Mo to let her move into the empty apartment above the restaurant...right next to his place.

Mo can’t say no. His mind knows she’s forbidden fruit, but his heart dares to hope. Until his past shows up, and he finds out sometimes it takes a village...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 5.00