Mixing It Up

A Galaxy Girls Novella

Ki Galaxy has begun ovulating, something she thought she would never do again. She, her sister, niece and granddaughter are hiding in plain sight in Freedom Kentucky. They are hiding from the FBI Freak Squad, Kergeron warriors from her own home, and the local police. They came from another planet where they were bred for the purpose of breeding, with no rights of their own. That is why they escaped to Earth over six years ago. Now all is at risk as Ki's inbred desire to procreate over rules her desire to keep a low profile.

Beautiful and youthful looking, Ki has ensnared two possible candidates to be the father of the baby her body craves. Chief of Police Eli Warner and Undercover FBI Agent Harley Manning. Trying to avoid them is near impossible. Then there is a child being locked in a closet they need to help and they can't tell the police how they know about what is going on because they would never believe a five year old child had sensed her fear and saw her in the closet.

If you liked book one in the Galaxy Girls series, you will love Mixing it up. My only complaint would be that it was way too short. I was not too sure of this different genre from Edie Ramer, but she soon pulled me under her spell.

Ms. Ramer has worked on other series, all of which I have enjoyed. But I will ask her to return to Freedom, Kentucky soon and tell the story of Liss and Rutledge. Please finally give Deena her chance at a happily ever after as well. Take a chance on this series and you will be pulled in too.

Book Blurb for Mixing It Up

Ki Galaxy doesn’t want a man—but her body does.

Ki wants to make muffins, not babies. Thirty-one solar systems from the planet where the Galaxy Girls were created to be broodmares, Ki is content baking muffins in the family's Tea & Comfort shop in Freedom, Kentucky. Then disaster strikes. She’s ovulating, her make-me-a-mom genes sending out scents like they're weapons. She's trying crazy hard to stay far away from the two prime breeding candidates: the police chief with a past that haunts him and their new neighbor who's hiding his own secrets. Secrets that could destroy the Galaxy women.

But an eight-year-old girl is in danger, and the Galaxy ladies can’t turn away from a child in need. Once again the Galaxy Girls are mixing it up, and it’s about to get messy.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 5.00