Mission Impastable

Dinner is Served, #1

Gina Smithson and Alli Wesson are trying to establish their personal chef service, Dinner Is Served. Gina is continuing with her job as a dietician at the local hospital but will be glad when the business takes off. At that point she can tell her boss, Clarice Franklin who they refer to as dragon lady because she is always breathing fire down on someone, what she can do with the job. Until then, Alli will keep their websites and her blog going and work increasing their customer base on Wild Cinnamon, a cooking mix on line mail order business. Gina will have to keep trying to keep from killing Franklin. Unfortunately someone else did not practice such restraint. Franklin is found dead and it looks like it might be from the food Alli prepared. Now Alli and Gina have to clear Alli's name on top of everything on their to do list! With a list of suspects that includes just about everyone who has ever had any dealings with Clarice there are plenty of suspects to go around.

I became hooked on culinary mysteries with Diane Mott Davidson and Joann Fluke. I will now add Sharon Arthur Moore to my list of authors to follow in the cozy culinary mystery genre. Ms. Moore has two very distinct personalities for her main characters that play well off one another. Between the two we can identify with one and more than likely also have a friend the other reminds us of. If we are lucky our mother will be like Maria, Gina's own mother. The supporting characters can be found in our own lives in some way or another, but the story on the other hand is something only the creative mind of Ms. Moore could dream up. She pulls you within the first few paragraphs making you feel a creeping sensation of danger. Then she gets you to forget the shadowy figure and danger with witty dialog and chaos. Readers are dropped into a home that is occupied by three women working out of the house, two children and an exuberant dog. Then suddenly she throws you back into the fray.

Multiple suspects and plenty of twists and turns in the plot are a recipe for a delectable read. Not to mention some very tasty recipes are included to try. Don't miss the Lasagna Roll Ups or the Mrs. Roth.’s Rich Blueberry Muffins, both will leave you licking your lips to catch every bit of flavor. This is a series that will fill your mystery cravings and provide some easy to follow recipes to try out. With a combination like that how can you go wrong?

Book Blurb for Mission Impastable

Mix together two life-long friends and their newly formed business partnership as personal chefs; stir in a stolen jade dragon, adultery, family dysfunction, a nasty and very dead client, and a large helping of suspects; add a dash of an eccentric mother and a pinch of a couple of potential love interests; don’t forget the red herrings; move all the ingredients from the back burner to the front; let simmer until they begin to boil; skim off the guilty party after it bobs to the surface; and you have a no fail, delicious recipe for a culinary mystery series. For extra seasoning, check out the recipes at the end. Mission Impastable is the first in what I hope will be a long-running series. Kudos to Sharon Arthur Moore for a fun and engrossing mystery. I’m hungry for more. -- Ilene Schneider, author of the award-winning Rabbi Aviva Cohen Mysteries, Chanukah Guilt and Unleavened Dead.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 5.00