Miracle Pie

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Miracle Pie

Miracle Interrupted #4

Katie Guthrie makes pies that she sells and delivers to restaurants and shops. They are delicious and the talk of the town, but so is Katie and the magic she puts into her pies. The previous spring a prediction was made that a miracle would take place soon in the town of Miracle. That the miracle would come from Katie in the form of one of her pies. Who would receive the miracle is unknown but hope abounds for all who know of the prediction.

Rosie Fabrini is a dear friend of Katie's and when Katie dreams of a mother Rosie is the one she would wish for. She comes to Katie's home to tell her she is planning on doing a pilot for a cooking show that she wants to try and sell for a series. She then explains she wants Katie to do the pilot with her and to use Katie's kitchen to cook it in. With some persuasion Rosie gets Katie to agree to participating and letting her use the kitchen. Gabe looks at the picture of the two women one more time as he arrives in Miracle to shoot the pilot for Rosie. His eyes continually drawn to the younger, grey-eyed woman next to Rosie in the picture.

Katie and Gabe are inexplicably drawn to each other from the first, but circumstances, namely 1100 miles between their homes and their lives heading in different directions conspire to kill their romance before it can begin. Gabe and Katie met years before when both were children, but time has hidden the memory from both of them. When he was 6 Gabe was diagnosed with Leukemia and Katie came to see him in the hospital. Calling him her Angel Gabriel, Katie tells Gabe he will get better and heal. Surprisingly to his family and doctors Gabe miraculously does recover and became cancer free. Is it fate or is there a way they can overcome all the obstacles to be together forever.

When I began this book I found it very cute and humorous. I thought this is a nice, light cozy; just the thing for a hot summer day. Then I was thrilled when it became even more. The laughter was expected but the book has a deeper current to it that draws you in so that you read on waiting to see where it will go. You meet the people of Miracle and know they are just like you and me, nothing outstanding but put them all together and you have a unique community that draws together to help one of their own. You are honored to learn the secrets that only the town’s people are privy to; knowing you will keep their secrets as well.

Although the story of Gabe and Katie is the main focus of the book the supporting cast is never retired to the background. Their lives continue to keep you involved. You come to understand why Trish's mother is so cold and even sympathize with her. You will cry with Trish and Gunner as they experience the trials of life that bring them home to Miracle in defeat and watch as they rise like the phoenix from the ashes. You see the recipients of Katie's pies and wonder what pie you will get when you come to visit, a welcome home pie or a goodbye pie, a happy pie or a sad pie or maybe an everything will be alright pie. No matter what the name of the pie you know it will make your mouth water and leave you wanting more.

This is a book that will bring a smile to your heart, laughter to your lips and tears to your eyes. The town of Miracle with a population of less than 700 maybe small but it is big on heart. Welcome to your newest favorite series, Miracle interrupted by Edie Ramer.

Book Blurb for Miracle Pie

Katie Guthrie has pie magic. Intuition tells her what to bake. Whether it’s a Goodbye Pie or a Welcome Home Pie, it will turn out perfect and be waiting for the person who needs it most.

She cherishes her life in the small village of Miracle, Wisconsin, and has no desire for change. But to help a friend, she agrees to film a cooking pilot show. Only to realize the filmmaker is the dying boy Katie used to call her angel when she lived in Chicago with her junkie mother.

Gabe Robbins is no angel, and he’s no boy anymore. Burned out after a three-year stint building a hospital in Africa, Gabe ignores his demons by living day-to-day and filming wedding videos. Nothing deep, nothing he has to become invested in. Nothing that will get under his skin, until…

Watching Katie create her pies from behind his video camera makes him realize what he’s missing. Thanks to Katie and her pies, Gabe discovers his passion again. But will it lead him to his heart’s desire…or will this miracle take him away from Katie forever?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50