Miracle Lane

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Miracle Lane

Miracle Interrupted #3

Nia Beaudine suffered some brain damage and complete memory loss when she was left for dead following a deliberate hit and run accident. She lives in a house in the town of Miracle, population 639. Along with inheriting the house she inherited a cat, Bast. The same cat that talks to her. When she calls the police, following someone trespassing on her property, Rob Ackerman shows up claiming to be the local constable. She knows he is lying. What she doesn't know is why? Rob, a former Army Sergeant, is suffering from PTSD. He is covering for his Identical twin brother when he answers Nia's call. Nearly everyone has trouble telling him and Jerry apart, but Nia knows at first glance.

Rob doesn't call her crazy, but neither does he believe Nia and Bast communicate with one another. On the other hand he does believe she is in danger. Especially once he meets her sister Debbie and see how much she hates Nia. Added with whomever is spying on her Rob decides the best way to keep Nia safe is to discover who tried to kill her three years before and may be trying again now. Nia cannot completely heal until she knows her own past.

Miracle Lane is a fast paced novel and one that draws you in from the very start. I personally enjoyed the interactions between Bast and Nia. I truly believe we are owned by our four legged friends, not the other way around. How many of us have wondered what they were saying when they mewed at us knowing the impossibility of that ever happening kept us safe.

We once again return to Edie Ramer's town of Miracle, the small town with a big heart. We learn that like most towns Miracle has good and bad people. The final showdown will have you on edge wishing you could be there to bring justice to Mia's tormentors.

Ms. Ramer's stories do not shy away from the ugly side of life, but do not leave you without hope. You will love the Miracle Interrupted series. Love and peace can to be found in Miracle, be sure to stop by and find yours. This is a standalone novel but fits into the series after Stardust Miracles.

Book Blurb for Miracle Lane

She forgot how to hate, and now she’s learning how to love...

Brain-damaged Nia Beaudine can’t remember her life before The Accident. Someone intentionally ran over her and left her for dead. Now she’s living in the ‘witch’s house’ she inherited in the village of Miracle, relearning how to live on her own. Well, almost on her own – the talking cat helping her cope is a bonus. But when a hate-filled family member shows up with a gun, Nia knows she needs real help.

Former Army Sergeant and PTSD sufferer Rob Ackerman regularly covers for his identical twin, the village constable, and answers Nia’s emergency call. This strange young woman immediately sees he’s not his brother. In return, he sees that the only way she can fully live in her new life is to find out why someone in her old life tried to kill her...and might try again.

As they dig up Nia’s past, the attraction between them grows. Their brains may be damaged, but their bodies and hearts are working just fine.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.50