Men on Fire

Men for Hire: Firemen 2

Brothers, Wiley and Brody Russell and the rest of the firemen have just gotten another arson fire under control when Wiley spots someone near the house. He and Brody give chase, but she gets away just as Brody almost catches her. A few days after Michelle Rossin was nearly caught outside the latest home to be burned, when she went to get the proof of one of her boys from Linkin Hope House was responsible, she goes to see the Firemen. She’s heard of them from her friend. When Brody sees her he goes all caveman. He all but comes out to perform a citizen's arrest. Terrified she runs and decides she doesn't need them. Brody and Wiley track her down at her job and try to apologize and get her to open up. But she is too scared to trust them with what she knows.

Brody and Wiley both have strong personalities, with Brody being even more aggressively alpha than Wiley. Which is hard to believe. Michelle is a very good social worker with her own background making her able to truly understand the youths she works with. She is independent and truly courageous. Though she is afraid, she still will do anything and everything to help those she cares about.

This book proves first impressions can be deceptive. With a little time and a lot of romance and mutual attraction the three begin to make progress toward forming a relationship. Romance and red hot love scenes are something Ms. Jamison is an expert at and lucky us, we get to reap the rewards of her labors. I admit that I would not count this as my favorite book, but it is one I would gladly read again. My one request is that Brody take a chill pill once in a while before he hurts himself jumping to such quick assumptions. You will find he and his brother are the kind of men you can depend on. You will want them in your corner the next time you find yourself out on a limb.

Another fact shows through with just one line from the book. “You can take the cowboy off the ranch, but he'd still have dirt in his veins.” Jane Jamison must have sent a great deal of time in the company of cowboys in order to know them so well.

I read the reviews posted for this book before I read it and that was a mistake. One I will not repeat again. There was a review that really made me dread to even start this book. But I have enjoyed reading Jane Jamison's books for some time and have never been disappointed. I have to report that Ms. Jamison's is still on key. Pick this one up!

Book Blurb for Men on Fire

Michelle Rossin will do almost anything to help the troubled boys at Tulsa's Linkin Hope House. But when one of them starts endangering not only his life, but others', she's caught between keeping his secret--and keeping him out of jail--or taking the blame. Firemen for Hire, Wiley Russell and his brother, Brody, have a duty to catch whoever's setting fire to abandoned homes. When they see a beautiful blonde running from one of the burning houses, they give chase. However, they don't know whether they're chasing an arsonist or the woman of their dreams. When she turns up at the fire station later, asking for help, they don't know whether to help her or call the police. Michelle soon learns that fires, like sexual attraction, have a way of burning out of control. Should she fan the flame of desire? Or will she put out the fire to keep a boy safe?

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA]

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.00