Mallory's Bears

Werebears of Shatland, Texas 2

Jane Jamison has made a fictitious town so real you can almost expect to find it listed on a map. I'm not sure I would want to live there as is seems a bit dangerous for mere humans, but I sure would like to meet and get to know Miss Earline. She sounds as though she would have a grand story to tell.

Mallory Quinn and her friend Mike "Kid" Shorter are animal activist that have come to the Triple X Ranch to get proof that the owners are treating their cattle inhumanely. They are caught by the owners, Rick and Gunner Northman, while painting slogans on the cows. After an exchange of accusations the Northman’s invite the two activist to stay at the ranch for a few days and to check their operation out to prove to them that Malory's source lied. This is something Mallory quickly agrees to. Gunner and Rick just want Mallory close. These two werebears have a long road to haul. They need to keep the secrets of Shatland, TX from Mallory and Mike and look for whatever is responsible for all the animal killings taking place. Plus even more importantly they need to convince Mallory she is their mate and tell her they are not just men.

Mallory has tons of principles, but does she have the courage to believe the unbelievable. Rick, bad tempered and quick to attack has to fight his natural instincts and learn to handle one feisty female who is determined to have her say. Gunner is the perpetual peacekeeper who is ready to blow a gasket over the two most stubborn people who mean the world to him, his mate and his brother. It was great watching to see if love would take hold and grow in the near war zone. The fighting over Mallory could have her running for the hills.

I am looking forward to book three in the series, Caging Her Bear Lovers, and perhaps reading more about Mike in a future book, he is such a sweetheart. These are standalone stories, but you will want to read them all to better understand the dynamics of the bears and the town of Shatland, Texas.

Book Blurb for Mallory's Bears

Mallory Quinn gets caught painting antiabuse slogans on cattle, then posting videos on the Internet denouncing the slaughter of cattle. Yet when she sees how sexy the accused ranchers are, she decides to do a more in-depth investigation. After all, a girl needs to be thorough, right?

Werebears, Gunner and Rick Northman, have their hands full convincing Mallory that they aren’t mistreating their cattle. Truth is, they’d rather whip her than hurt a cow. She’s the mate they’ve waited for, and no matter how irritating she is, they’re going to claim her. In the meantime, there’s a rogue werewolf killing livestock. Which should they do first? Track the werewolf or tame their mate?

When Mallory realizes that Gunner and Rick are innocent, she’s ready to admit she was wrong. But she can’t shake the feeling that they still haven’t told her the whole truth. Will she run when they show her that the real animals are inside them?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.00