Her Wanton Ways

Notorious Nephilim 4

First off imagine a place where every (and I mean every) fantasy spiritual, pleasurable, indulgent and sexual you have ever had of being fulfilled is fulfilled. Now you know what happens at Lilith's Playground Resort, but have you heard the rumors about the owners?

Joelle Albright had broken up with her uptight, pompous, self-righteous ex-fiance, Scott Malloy, six months earlier and has not looked backed since. Since he looked for ways to interfere and judge her, she went out of her ways to do things she knew he and her social circle would disapprove of. Which is why she booked a two week vacation at the resort. After checking in she meets Blade Fallon and suddenly everything she and her roommate read in the nudist magazine just might be true and she is looking forward to a continual two week sexual escapade and Blade already stars in them. It is not long before Cristian Neville is sharing star billing as well.

When it comes to light that Scott is using a campaign against the resort to further his political career she goes to the two men who are beginning to mean more than she could imagine and tells them her past ties to the man. Blade and Fallon are Nephilim who have no intention of becoming mortal like those before them. They must decide if their feelings for Joelle are enough to keep the trust with her or will their efforts to save the resort destroy the relationship between the three. All three must choose to trust one another with the complete truth about themselves or all could fall to the destruction of an ambitious man.

I read the first in this series because it intrigued me, I read the others because Ms. Rosewood's style of writing made me laugh and pant at the same time. She has given us a series that delves into what happens when angels are not so angelic. It’s a concept that leaves me wanting more every time I read one of the Notorious Nephilim series. With only two to go I hope Carolyn Rosewood plans to find either a way to continue the series or begin one with equally unusual characters. Each of the books in the series is written as a standalone, but if you want to watch the passage of decades and how it modernizes over time then you may want to read them all. Start with book 2, then 3, then go to 4, then read book 1, book 5 and see how it all ends in book 6. How will it end for Blade, Fallon and Joelle? Will the curse and Lilith's vengeance claim another chance at happiness? Pick up a copy today to find out what the future holds for these strong characters. They have a past to overcome before they can grab ahold of a possible future.

Book Blurb for Her Wanton Ways

Joelle Albright looked forward to her vacation at Lilith’s Playground, the exclusive resort promising no-strings-attached sex…until she realized her ex-fiance Scott Malloy had targeted it to further his political career. After mysterious owners Blade Fallon and Cristian Neville trust her with their secret, she comes clean about her past involvement with Scott. Will stopping Scott and saving the resort be enough to earn their trust and love? Blade and Cristian have vowed not to choose a mortal life like four of their fellow Nephilim have already done, until they meet Joelle. Not a typical 1950s woman, she wows them with her feistiness in and out of the bedroom. But when they find out she was engaged to the man trying to ruin their resort, how can they trust her again, let alone love her enough to choose mortality and spend it with her?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50