Her Dangerous Desires

Notorious Nephilim 6

Established in 1919, Lilith's Playground Resort has catered to the wants and desires of their guest. No desire was too small to be granted. With only Gregory Fallon and Demetrius Neville left of the original twelve to satisfy those baser desires there really is no way for them to keep up with all of them. When Paige Merrilyn arrives it becomes a moot point. Neither has the desire to play with any of the other guest. Lilith is not happy that her curse is dying with each pair of Nephilim that chooses love and mortality. When it looks like Gregory and Demetrius might join the others in mortality with Paige she begins to play pranks on her to drive her away.

Paige came to the resort with questions from her search on the internet, and because of her work she is not a stranger with the occult, but she is disturbed by Lilith and her shenanigans. With a bit of poking and prodding perhaps it is time to see about getting rid of Lilith forever. If they are blessed they may even get the curse lifted for the Nephilim still alive. Even if it means using another demon to accomplish it. Lilith is out for blood, but whose, Paige's or Gregory's and Demetrius', is yet to be known. Are the Nephilim of Lilith's Playground about to become extinct? Only time will tell. If you have not read any of this series, this is not a bad one to start with. Steamy love scenes between two dominant alpha males and one very sassy and inquisitive submissive all add up to a must read. There is not a moment in the book that is slow or boring, but then again there is no book in the entire series that will not hold you captivated from the very beginning.

If you are looking for an addictive series this would be one. Each is listed as a standalone, but if you want to read them in order start with book 2, go to book 3 then book 4, next would be book 1, book 5 and then finish of with book 6. Delve into the world of demons, angels, and curses that only the love of a good woman can break. The Fallon and Neville cousins are sure to make you welcome.

Book Blurb for Her Dangerous Desires

When Paige Merrilyn books a two-week vacation at Lilith’s Playground, she falls in love with sexy owners Gregory Fallon and Demetrius Neville, the last two Nephilim. But when Lilith targets her, Paige becomes a pawn in a game between Lilith and a demon with the power to banish her. Gregory Fallon and Demetrius Neville are the last two Nephilim, but they aren’t holding out for long. They fall head over heels for Paige, and will stop at nothing to have her, including summoning the demon Botis, who owes them a favor. The favor? Convince Lilith to reverse the curse or banish her from the resort forever. Can Lilith be convinced to reverse the curse so the remaining owners can father children with the women who’ve chosen them? And what will happen if Lilith gets to Paige first? Gregory and Demetrius play a dangerous game to get what they want, but will they lose Paige forever, even if they win?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50