Her Bear Lovers

Werebears of Shatland, Texas 1

Mayla Weaton has been getting together with her father and brother to go hunting for the last decade, but lately she has not felt the need to mask the pain of her mother's death. After reminiscing with them about her Mayla needed a few moments alone to get her emotions under control. As her father and brother move on ahead, Mayla sees a blur charging at her from the bushes. The next moment she is pinned to the ground by a naked man. Instead of screaming she finds herself incredibly attracted. Josh Baberson is shocked because not only has he discovered his and his cousins, Jadon's and Curt's, mate, but she is also a hunter. Usually that would not be a problem, but the three cousins are also werebears. Then the werewolves put in there two cents worth.

Mayla and the Barberson cousins are the type of characters you cannot help but fall in love with. When faced with the unbelievable Mayla does not give in and agree with everyone who says she only imagined it. She goes out in search of proof, even if it takes her right into the middle of a werewolf council meeting.

Jane Jamison has proven she has that special touch when it comes to creating a town from scratch. What the werewolves have done for Forever, Texas; werebears are doing for Shatland, Texas. Throw in a few faeries, or a vampire or two and things get really interesting. Try keeping all that hidden from unknowing humans.

Pick up a copy and see how it all began. Look for book 2, Malory's Bears. It is available now as is Caging Her Bear Lovers, Book 3.

Book Blurb for Her Bear Lovers

Independent, strong Mayla Weaton thinks Romeo and Juliet had it easy. At least they never had to deal with men changing into animals. Soon after finding out that shifters really exist, she realizes she's in love with three werebears. She manages to accept their furry counterparts, but how can she keep her father from skinning her lovers and hanging their hides on the wall? Werebears Jadon, Curt, and Josh Barberson find their mate at the barrel end of a loaded rifle. Their choices? Either give her up or attack her father to keep her with them. Their inner Grizzlies are all for making her father turn tail and run, but either choice means they could lose Mayla. Then when the werewolves of Forever, Texas, stick their muzzles into the mix, things really get hairy. Can't a bear take a mate without everyone trying to tear them apart?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.50