Grilled, Chilled and Killed

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Grilled, Chilled and Killed

Volume 2

This is a fast moving story that is full of bold characters and a plot filled with danger. Readers are in for characters with a desire for revenge and suspense scenes that will hold their interest from beginning to end.

Emily Rhodes is an older middle aged woman and a retired preschool teacher. Her life partner has died and she has recently found the daughter she gave up for adoption. She is working part time as a bartender to supplement her income.

Donald is a fisherman and he has a romantic interest in Emily. Both are bartending at the Barbeque Cook-Off event. They drive there together. As Emily retrieves a keg of beer from the cooler truck she finds what at first appears to be a drunk sleeping off a binge, but is quickly revealed to be the body of a man covered in barbeque sauce. In comes Detective Stanton Lewis. Lewis too has a fondness for Emily. He especially likes to ruffle her feathers and see her become steamed. Short in stature, Emily has the temper the size of a giant. Following a long and stressful day of finding the body and giving her statement Emily and her daughter, Naomi, decide to wait until the next day to begin their holiday on Jekyll Island. Imagine their surprise when the dirty ex-cop who nearly got them killed shows up at the campground where they are staying. What is he doing out of jail? Are they safe? After all he holds them and Detective Lewis responsible for his arrest and the loss of all he holds dear.

Emily is a strong character like David who fell the Goliaths. You will come to love her and those that feel they must protect the petite woman with the will of iron. We have a host of characters including Clara, as tall as Emily is short, Donald, the craggy fisherman whose heart warms around Emily, Lewis, the season police detective who loves to see Emily flushed with ire at his barbs and Naomi, the newly found daughter. Naomi is trying to build a relationship with her newly found birth mother. All seem to forget that although petite, Emily has proven herself to be a survivor. Of course there are those who would like to see Emily come to a violent end. Even more so, they would like to be the one to deliver the final blow. There is so much going on in "Grilled, Chilled and Killed" that you will not want to put the book down.

I did have some difficulty in reading this book because of the references to previous events in the first book in the Big Lake Mysteries series. There was some explanation, but I do not believe it was enough for the reader to understand the characters reasons for their actions and motives. For this reason I felt a bit confused and would recommend that you start with Dumpster Dying and read the series in order. You will soon be calling Emily Rhodes one of your favorite fictional sleuths.

Book Blurb for Grilled, Chilled and Killed

In the second Big Lake Mystery, Emily Rhodes, retired preschool teacher and bartender turned amateur snoop, wonders if she is destined to discover dead bodies. This time she finds one of the contestants at the local barbeque cook-off dead and covered in barbeque sauce in a beer cooler. She should be used to stumbling onto corpses by now and the question of who killed the guy should pique her curiosity, but Emily decides to let Detective Lewis handle this one, at least until she figures his theory of who did the deed is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.50