Gone with the Wolf

Bored with the Halloween Party given by Wilder Financial Emelia "Emie" Hudson, Owner and bartender of the Knight Owl, heads down to the private wine cellar of Russell D. Wilder. She'd come to confront Wilder about stealing her bar and then the man didn't show for his own party. While pilfering a bottle of 1996 Château Lafite. Enjoying the first glass she is made aware of a very good looking man in the doorway. With the wine loosening her tongue she tells the stranger how she only came at the last minute and had no choice but to dress like little red riding slut. He tells her he's the big bad wolf disguised as a businessman. She tells him how she came to the party to payback Mr. Wilder for someone. She then learns his name is Drake and he works in administration. She explains she's a temp secretary. After a few flirtatious words they are drawn into a kiss when suddenly Drake breaks away and says he has to leave.

The next day Russell Drake Wilder, the 300 year old alpha werewolf of the Wilder pack enters his office building. Raul Bloomfield, his beta greets him with the news that Emelia Hudson is late in arriving, but arrangements have been made as he requested to have her work in his office until such time as he can decide if she truly is his luminary, aka lifemate. It shouldn't take long, a day or two at most. Emie arrives while Drake is in a meeting. She is oriented by the executive secretary Trixie. While Trixie runs an errand Emie decides to shred some of the files to make Wilder pay for his actions. In the middle of her destruction Drake returns from his meeting and after a moment Emie puts is together. After talking a few moments Drake gets her to agree to start over. Greeting Emie he offers her his hand. When she places her hand in his electricity sparks between them. He now knows she is truly his luminary.

Gone with the Wolf is a new slant on the wolf shifter world. I have a hard time passing almost all books dealing with werewolves and any shifter species. This book was not disappointing. The Alpha is a twin which brings in the rivalry factor. Being a shifter did not stop the ruthless parent from pitting one child against another. Most of us know someone like that in our real worlds, but in this story it will make your heart weep for two brothers who should have grown up the closest of friends, but they were cheated out of that closeness. The scene in the book are steamy and sometimes violent. The violent encounters make you choose sides very quickly. Should the rights be based on first born, do you choose community as a whole? I personally have been drawn to the bad boy syndrome, but always believe good trumps evil every time. So you will be torn as you read.

As a novella Kristen Miller works very hard to bring the emotions and urgency of the plot to life very quickly. She also gives the brother, who is set on carrying on the bigotry and rivalry promoted by their father, every chance to grow and look to healing the rift. If I had one complaint it was that Drake had more patience and restraint than I can ever imagine having myself. Make a move against someone I love and I will put you under the ground in a heartbeat. Maybe because the danger comes from his brother is his reason for holding out hope, but as each attack grows more violent the time soon comes when Drake and Emie must literally choose to either both live or both will die. Drake must in reality choose either to loose a brother or his mate. I do not know how I would choose. Gone with the Wolf was a joy to read as it made me run a gauntlet of emotions without making me drown in them. Pick up this book for a nice afternoon of peace and quiet shared with an Alpha type male with his strong alpha type female. She will ensure he doesn't get too cocky. Gone with the Wolf is a fun read I think you will enjoy. I hope Ms. Miller goes on with this pack and does a book on Raul Bloomfield, Drake's Beta wolf.

Book Blurb for Gone with the Wolf

CEO and alpha werewolf Drake Wilder has given up the search for his one true love. When he discovers that she’s a secretary in his company, Drake’s primal instincts kick into overdrive.

What he wouldn’t give to have her fingers rake over his body instead of the keyboard…

Free-spirited bartender Emelia Hudson wants nothing more than to make her Seattle-based bar succeed. But when profits decline, she slips into a dress suit and secures a nine-to-five. After learning that her bar has become property of Wilder Financial, Emelia is determined to get some answers.

Two can play the ruthless business game. If only her attraction to the boss wasn’t so intense… 

When Drake’s twin brother senses that Drake has found his match—and now inherits their father’s billion dollar estate—he hatches a plan to take Emelia out. Drake vows to protect her at all costs, but he might have to pay with his own life.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50