Kendra Mortensen attends the local high school football game. She decides to leave at half time only to find her car boxed in. Suddenly she is hemmed in by a mad eyed older man and four other very large men. The older man says he has a gift for her and pulls out a syringe and tells her he is going to make her change into a wolf. The others grab and hold her while he injects something in her that burns like fire. Then they throw her into one of the SUVs next to her car and take off. Confused and feeling ill, Kendra knows she is going to die at the hands of a madman. Galen Tolbert has been assigned to take out the latest lab of Dr. Thornton and take his latest subject into protective custody. They have to stop the mad scientist before their kind is exposed to the world or the madman kidnaps someone they can't cover-up for. Maybe this will be the time they take him down for good.

I began reading about shape-shifting beings with Christine Feehan's Dark series and became intrigued. This genre soon became one of my favorites. It now appears I have a new author to add to my to be sure to get the next book list. Tianna Xander has developed an entire society around the shifter world, one that has a wide variety of characters. You will quickly empathize with Kendra and the nightmare she can't seem to wake from. Galen shows his flaws. He is an elitist with a superior attitude when it comes to natural shifters over turned ones. This gives you pause in judging him, although he shows he realizes he is unfair in some of his judgments and does know how to apologize. If Kendra decides that Galen is a no go, I would not turn that wolf from my door. You will so adore the twins, especially when they show that Galen's prejudices over their once being human could endanger them all. Watch as all the characters grow and develop.

Although this can be read as a standalone I will be venturing to get the previous stories soon to see how this story line developed over time. Also I want to learn about something of the other background characters that were mentioned.

Looking for a great shifter story? Then pick up a copy of Tianna Xander's Galen and spend a few hours being taken away to a world of magical beings and where forever love can be more than a maybe if you choose it to be.

Book Blurb for Galen

When Kendra decides to attend the local high school football game, a mad scientist who plans to hold her for experimentation snatches her. She’s not sure what to think when a tall, dark, and handsome stranger comes to her rescue.

Imagine Galen's surprise when he finds the attractive red head he's sent to retrieve from Dr. Thornton's newest lab is more than he bargained for. What are the odds of finally finding one's much-anticipated mate naked in a lab?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50