Galaxy Girls

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Galaxy Girls

Phyrne, Deena, Liss and Ki are the Galaxy Girls. They get this name on Earth after escaping Kergeron, a planet were the men were mostly brutal warriors and the women were used for gratification and to breed. They are confronted by men outside the casino where they had just won more money than the owners thought they honestly should. In order to save them from harm Phyrne uses her body's normal pheromones to cause the men to be distracted. Unfortunately she pushed too far. She could not pull back and FBI agent Hawk Higgins was caught in her net. Unable to stop, they mated and Phyrne and her family vanish. Confused by exactly what happened Hawk vows to find Phyrne; whether for vengeance or a second round he is not sure.

With new ID's and a new last name of Galaxy the women settle in Freedom, Kentucky. The only difference is a beautiful 5 year old child is now with them, a result of the encounter between Phyrne and Hawk. Hawk finds out about her from his boss Rutledge and the information fed into the Foundation, a charity for special needs animals, which is a cover for a group that looks for alien life here on earth. Hawk goes in search of the child that might be his daughter and the woman who has starred in his dreams for the last six years. For Phyrne and her family that is the good news, the bad news is that the war on Kergeron is over and Kergeron won. President Riald wants the last of the women from the Frey line back and sends Septimus, his thin skinned nephew, and Zeon a Kergeron warrior after them to bring them back.

When confronted by her past, Phyrne panics. Does she run? Does she kill the threat? Does she trust him? Is it time to split from the others and hide with her daughter alone? Does Hawk help Phyrne or grab the child who might be his daughter and run? What is his ex-boss from the FBI doing in Freedom? Is it just a coincidence? What will happen when all threats converge in Freedom?

There are so many twists and turns in this novel by Edie Ramer. For the long standing fans of Edie’s there is plenty of humor added to the story, but she still tugs at your heart as well. There is more than one scene where I wanted to hold one of the characters and tell them the world was not such a bad place and there was a spot for them in it. This is a bit different than the other books by Ms. Ramer and I was not sure if it would appeal to me at first, but soon I was hooked and could not put it down. I can hardly wait to start "Mixing It Up", next in the storyline. The novella is already out and available for reading so don't pass it up.

Book Blurb for Galaxy Girls

Genetically created to be broodmares, Phyrne Galaxy and her mother, aunt and cousin don't need men, they need freedom. They escaped from the warring planet of Kergeron to Earth, where Phyrne’s aunt's vision of winning money in a New Jersey casino comes true. Too bad her aunt's precog didn't show the hoods waiting outside with guns. But Phyrne has her own weapon, more powerful than bullets. She's ovulating.

Phyrne turns up the heat, taking out more than the crooks in her wave of sexual torture. FBI Special Agent Hawk Higgens, running to protect the women, is brought to his knees, too. Caught in her procreative spell, Phyrne ravishes Hawk.

Being seduced by an alien and left half naked and unconscious in the back of a surveillance van changes Hawk's life. He joins the Foundation, a privately funded agency that hunts aliens. Six years later, the reason for his career change pops back on the radar in a tea shop in Kentucky. The woman whose face still haunts his dreams has an addition to her family – a five-year-four-month-old daughter.

At the same time, two Kergeron warriors are sent to Earth to bring the women back to their home planet. With an ex-FBI agent and two alien warriors on her trail, Phyrne's calm life running the Tea & Comfort shop is about to get shaken, stirred and screwed.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 4.50