Ella's Cougar

Chestnut Rock Shifters, #7

Ella Cardwell met Cole when she was six years old. Her parents had brought her to the resort in Chestnut Rock and she wandered away, following a beautiful blue butterfly into the woods, and became lost. Scared and crying, she was huddling next to a tree when a cougar cub came and let her pet him. Then the cougar became a boy and told her not to be afraid, they were coming for her. Then he was a cougar again and ran to the trees as her parents and the resort owner located her.

Fourteen years later she has returned to the resort and Chestnut Rock to find the cougar and prove she was not imagining the events. Unfortunately it seems she is too late and he is already married with a family. Or is he? When Ella runs away, is her chance of finding the boy/cougar and having her heart's desire lost? Will Cole survive the depression that is enveloping him? Is it too late for him? Has the time come when his cougar will take control and he becomes a danger to everyone, shifter and human alike?

To me this was one of the best in Jane Wakely's 'Chestnut Rock Shifter' series. The emotions of the two protagonists carries the story and keeps you glued until the very end. The romance scenes are mild by her usual standards, but do not think the story lost anything because of it. "Ella's Cougar" is a tender love story that touches your soul. You will envy Ella her mate and hope to be as cherished as she is. Alone and in pain from shattered dreams, she has found friends and acceptance. The question is will she stay around long enough to accept it? Pick up a copy of this beautiful love story and find out.

Book Blurb for Ella's Cougar

Ella Cardwell never forgot the cougar she met in the forest after wandering away from her parents when she was six years old. Her unbelievable story, combined with her fascination of the animals, caused her to leave home when she turned eighteen and find the cougar that monopolizes her thoughts. She makes the journey to the Chestnut Rock Resort, certain she will find her destiny—the boy, now a man, from all those years ago. She recognizes him on sight, but he’s not waiting for her like she thought he would be.

Cole Rookman met his mate when he was too young to understand the strong, intense feelings conjured by the mating instinct. With no way to track her down, he’s lived for nearly fifteen years with the knowledge he would never be able to claim her, and he would always be alone. Unusual circumstances lead to allowing thoughts of his mate to break down his carefully constructed barriers, and he risks losing everything.

Ella makes new friends, but they soon learn her secret: she came looking for a man who is unavailable. Instead of censure, they offer comfort and friendship until the truth starts to unravel and her crush is ultimately revealed. Cole wants to believe his mate searched him out, but after battling severe depression, he’s not willing to raise his hopes. Wishing for something impossible is reckless, but when all signs point to the girl as his mate, he has to find her and see for himself.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 5.00