Eddie's Prize

After the Crash, Book 4

On a cool autumn day in October 2014 Supermodel Lisa Anton takes a flight to a photo shoot. Suddenly the plane malfunctions and falls from the sky in mid-flight. Following the crash of their plane survivors go out in pairs to find help. One such pair is Lisa and Carla Zimmerman. After walking for days Carla and Lisa find a farming community called Odessa. Odessa has a strict religious sect that quickly takes them into Kearney, Nebraska and trades them to Mayor Ray Madison. Eddie, the Mayors son takes one look at Lisa and decides she is the one meant for him. He tells his father he wants the blond for himself, but is told he must compete in the Bride Fight like everyone else. Whoever wins the fight wins the woman he fought for. So is the introduction of Lisa and Carla to the year 2064.

The women are told a fantastic story of a war in which everyone lost. Those not killed in the war itself had to survive with no electricity or running water. What came next was biological warfare which was to come to be known as the Woman Killer Plague. 9 out of 10 women die. Most men survived the plague as it affected the genetics causing few females to be born. Now 50 years later there are nearly 300 men to every woman. The town of Kearney holds a Bride Fight where any contestant must pay an entry fee only if they pass the sorting process to be allowed to compete. The winner then claims their prize for their wife.

Eddie competes and slowly makes it to the final round. After much bloodshed and bruising he wins the girl of his dreams and takes her under guard to their new home. It’s explaining that there are those who would steal a woman and take her away for himself or in some cases to share her with as many in the town or compound that he wanted to. There is even a town where prostitution is required by women and marriage is frowned upon. The world has changed since The Times Before. It is a world unknown to Lisa who has no take out to call, no beauty salon to go to, no boutique to provide her clothes and no maid service. The Mayor is law here. With no one to turn to Lisa can only hope Edie's friends really did go after the others at the crash site like he promised.

I have to tell you I adore this series and although it took a while Maddy Barone has written another winning installment that was well worth the wait. Although each of the books may be read as a standalone, you will want to read each offering. You will not regret the time or money spent. Ms. Barone has a cast of three dimensional characters with good and bad points. With a vivid imagination she has brought the Town of Kearney to life. Stop by for a while and make yourself at home. After all with the times the way they are this could be your tomorrow.

Book Blurb for Eddie's Prize

Living in a future she doesn’t understand, given to a man she doesn’t love, and fighting to uncover a secret that may destroy her, Lisa Anton discovers there are worse things than a plane falling out from the sky. Get ready to laugh, cry, and fall in love all over again with the survivors of Maddy Barone’s, After the Crash series.

Lisa Anton was a world-famous fashion model before her plane crashed in a post-apocalyptic future where women are precious and rare, and technology is only a memory. Offered as a prize in a Bride Fight for the best fighter to take home, Lisa becomes the wife of a man she barely knows. Gorgeous and passionate in bed, her new husband tells her he loves her. But does he?

From the moment he saw the blonde beauty, Eddie Madison was determined to make her his wife. Beating a dozen other men in the Bride Fight was child’s play for him. Learning to be a husband is a bit trickier. She wants his complete trust, but Eddie has spent his entire life guarding a secret that could destroy their happiness. Is protecting his secret more important than winning his bride’s love?

Content Notes: Paranormal, Time Travel, Shifters, Post-Apocalyptic, Sexy Spicy Romance

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 5.00