Dumpster Dying

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Dumpster Dying

Golf in rural Florida is hazardous -- gators on the fairway and bodies in the trash

Gators are not the only deadly thing in Southern Florida.

Emily Rhode's life has all but fallen apart. With the death of her life partner, Fred, she is in danger of loosing her home and has had to return to the work force. Bar tending at the Big Lake Country Club is a far cry from pre-school teacher that she was before her early retirement to be with Fred. The meeting with a long lost family member and legal battle with Fred's ex-wife over his estate soon take a backseat to finding the dead body of her former mixology instructor in the dumpster behind the club. The sheriff questions her story when she is found leaving the scene and it comes to light that she and the victim have a history of antagonism. Being a suspect in a murder investigation is just one of many trials that Emily must face. Just about the time things ease up she finds another body.

The suspense is never ending, but Ms. Diehl mixes in a touch of romance and a big helping of humor to spice up the story. The surprise ending is one that will come out of left field. There is no skimming in this story because you will not want to miss a moment of the action taking place all the way through Dumpster Dying.

Having grown up in southern Florida I could not wait to get my hands on Ms. Diehl's books. When I read Grilled, Chilled and Killed it left me with questions on some of the background content. Night Owl Reviews kindly gave me Dumpster Dying to read and review when I explained how I felt. Do not misunderstand, Chilled, Grilled and Killed was a great book, but I would have enjoyed it more if I had read Dumpster Dying first.

Lesley Diehl has a talent for developing characters that one can identify with and makes you want to spend more time with long after the words The End appear in the book. Emily Rhodes may be the central character but the others Donald Green, Sheriff Stanton Lewis, Clara and Darren Rogers along with Hap and Naomi were all multidimensional with descriptions that brought them to life so that you can see them as real people in your minds eyes. Perhaps her background in being a professor of psychology is what helped Lesley Diehl get into the minds of her characters to keep her story from becoming so fantastic as to be unbelievable, but whatever the reason I am truly glad that she shared her talents with us and has plans to continue this series. Pick up a copy of Dumpster Dying and wrapping yourself in the lives of Emily, her friends and family. They watch out for their own and will see you through all of life's stumbling blocks.

Book Blurb for Dumpster Dying

Emily Rhodes came to rural Florida for the cowboys, the cattle, and to do a little country two-step, not to fall head first onto a dead body in a dumpster. Ah, the golden years of retirement in the sunshine state. They’re more like pot metal to Emily Rhodes, who discovers the body of the county’s wealthiest rancher in the Big Lake Country Club dumpster. With her close friend accused of the murder, Emily sets aside her grief at her life partner’s death to find the real killer.

She underestimates the obstacles rural Florida can set up for a winter visitor and runs afoul of a local judge with his own version of justice, hires a lawyer who works out of a retirement home, and flees wild fires -- hand-in-hand with the man she believes to be the killer.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 5.00