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(dis)Comfort Food

Arkansas Democratic Gazette ... "15 men found dead from unknown causes were found at Mount Martha resort where the Gentlemen of the World LLC was holding the meeting. Police also found 20 young teenage girls were also found on the scene. No word from police or the resort as to what happened or what the young girls were doing there."

Rosie the self-proclaimed Patron Saint of Oven Baked Casseroles lost her husband Robert to pancreatic cancer. She met Vera Caldwell just days after the death of her mother when she brought a chicken casserole to the house and introduced herself and gave her condolences. Rosie and Robert declared it the best they had ever eaten. It was a short time later that Robert began to feel ill. It was not long before Robert, the love of her life, lost his battle with cancer.

Vera gave Rosie a strange book just before Robert died. It was very old with blank pages. On the cover were the words "The Angels of Mercy Cookbook". She gives it to Rosie telling her to keep it near and to write her thoughts in it when she is alone. She wrote of her pain and the anguish she felt at watching Robert wasted away. When she next opens the book her words are gone and a casserole recipe in her handwriting is there in place of what she had written earlier. Vera teaches Rosie how the book works and Rosie pretends to listen, but all she can think about is vengeance. Vera introduces Rosie to her "Aunts” and tells her of how she got her cookbook. And then how she went on to pay back the hypocrites from her home town when she leveled the town.

This is a book that starts out lively and full of funny quips, but soon takes a quick turn to the dark side. All the while you will not be able to put it down. It reminded me of when I came upon a home of a young couple that perished in the fire that destroyed their home. Sick at heart from the loss of life I still could not look away from the power of the fire that claimed two lives and threatened so many more. You will be shocked and appalled by parts and unsure if you should root for Rosie or condemn her. But by the end of the book the lines between good and evil, right and wrong, will blur and you will have to decide for yourself which side Rosie and Vera fall on. (dis)Comfort Food is truly an exceptional story and a book I almost put down saying to myself I can't read this because it nearly offended me that such evil thoughts could exist.

At first, when the tone of the book changed, I believed it was about the sick mind of a serial killer who looked upon themselves as Angels of Mercy. True crimes of this type have never appealed to me, but I said I would read it. So I put it down and came back the next day to try again. Then suddenly I was into the entire book. So much so I went back to the beginning and started from page one to make sure I did not miss something. The entire book is well written. I do warn you for the first one third you cannot afford to be distracted or you will miss a lot of the subtle undercurrents in the story. You will either love this book or be apathetic in your opinion. Give it a chance and you will find a treasure at the conclusion, one I surprisingly enjoyed very much.

Book Blurb for (dis)Comfort Food


Meet Rosie Kirkland, a quiet homemaker with a magical talent for murder.

Rosie is just going through the motions, leading an average quiet life. However, that normal life is thrown into a tailspin when Rosie’s husband succumbs to a terminal illness. A mysterious friend named Vera Caldwell shows up on the doorstep, offering food, comfort, and an introduction to a world Rosie once thought impossible.

Suddenly, nothing is what it seems to be. The marriage she thought to be a happy union is revealed to be one full of dark secrets. The little old ladies down the street are unmasked as a clandestine cabal with origins as old as civilization itself. The simple act of cooking becomes an act of vengeance. And Rosie’s own identity begins to unravel as she finds herself at the center of the ongoing history of witchcraft in Middle America.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.00