Crazy Sexy Love

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Crazy Sexy Love

Rescued Hearts 3

We return to Angel Lake with the story of Sam Krushing and Callie Ryan. Sam is a drummer for a rising band who fell in love with Callie when they were both four years old. He broke her heart when they were six, thinking he was not good enough for her with his learning disability. Over the next twelve years neither forgot their first love. On prom night they meet when each is at a cusp in their life. Callie is off to college to become a librarian, while Sam is about to embark on the start of the long hard road of becoming a music sensation. Together only on the night of the prom. A night of memories to last a lifetime.

Along his rise to fame Sam acquires a stalker who grows more violent and unstable with each encounter, but the police can do nothing until he can prove who it is. Until then, Sam is on his own. After winning their first Grammy, Sam and childhood friend Rick decide to go his parents' home for a visit. Callie walks into his parents' bar while he is performing on stage. The attraction to her is still there, but Callie has a man at her side. Tired of waiting for someone to make her feel the way Sam did, she has settled for the one she thinks she can have a family and the future she dreams of with. Callie knows she can not marry another while still in love with Sam and decides to give the ring back and break her engagement. Her fiance turns violent and a stray cat, who has escaped from a negligent home in search of its predestined human, comes to her rescue. Sam comes upon her as she is assaulted. Finally their time has arrived, but the danger from the stalker is closer than they know. The stalker is still determined to have Sam for herself and is not shy about removing any obstacle in her path. Their love may not be enough to save Callie when the stalker has Callie in her sights.

Their love has survived and grown over 20 years of separation and betrayals. On the outside there is nothing that binds them together other than their love for one another. Two souls united have overcome the passage of time and has never faded, but rather grown stronger. As with all of her books, Edie Ramer takes each reader on a journey that will touch their hearts forever. She uses her words to make her readers feel the emotions of her characters and that draws you into the story itself. You become invested in the characters and in seeing the story to the end. Using humor and a witty dialog Ms Ramer never fails to deliver a book that pulls at your heart, puts a smile on your face and has you reading it over again just because you remember the fun you had the last time you read it. I look always wait with anticipation for each new book Edie Ramer publishes.

To show her love of animals Edie Ramer gives 25 cents from every "Crazy Sexy Love" book as well as the other 'Rescued Hearts' sold, which will go to the Washington County Humane Society in Wisconsin. Ms. Ramer's love of animals shows that the animals mentioned in her books are more than background characters used to filled in pages or as a comic relief. They are ambassadors of goodwill. They are also representing all the animals in need of good loving forever families. Perhaps there is a new family member waiting for you to save them from a life of loneliness waiting for you at your local animal shelter.

Sensual Level: medium

Book Blurb for Crazy Sexy Love

Sam Krushing asked Callie Ryan to marry him when they were four-years-old...and she said yes.

Then he discovered he wasn’t like other kids. He wasn’t good enough for her. Years later, he’s a drummer in a Grammy-winning country band, touring most of the year, at the start of a great career. When he comes home for a week, they can’t resist the pull between them.

She’s a librarian with good friends and a job she enjoys...and a mom who’s not well. Yet she’s never loved a man the way she loved the boy...

And he’s never loved a woman the way he loved the girl... Only now his love is different. A crazy, sexy love.

Her love for him is crazy and sexy, too, but she fears he might break her heart again.

And then there’s his stalker...

Life is crazy. Love is sexy. Forever love is scary.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 5.00