Claws and Fangs

Men of Passion, Colorado 1

Jane Jamison has once again developed a world where the norm is suggestive. After choosing to live in smaller more out of the way towns and commute into the larger cities to work all my adult life I may have to change my way of thinking if this is the true nature of small towns. Then again, I may be lucky enough to find my own Jude, Damon or Riker. After all if there is one good vampire or werewolf there must be more, right?

Damon and his brother, Jude are returning home at the end of the long bitter Civil War. Injured and battle-scarred the pair are heading towards Atlanta, not knowing what they will find following Sherman and his army's passing and burning of the great southern city. They are unfortunate enough to come across a vampire and werewolf that change the course of their lives forever. Nearly a century later Riker Whitfield tracks the brothers down to apologize for his part in that fateful encounter. Over time the three become friends and business partners. Jude and Riker run a successful horse ranch, while Damon has become a renowned photographer.

It is because of Damon's acclaim that Kelly Simms comes within their orbit. She is a freelance writer doing a piece on the first annual Passion Arts Festival. She stops by Damon's display to ask for an interview. She sets off a series of life and death events involving two vampires, two werewolves, two writers and a friend willing to die to save a friend. Who survives and who dies is up for grabs.

This first book in the Claw and Fang series is intensive and labored in the first few chapters after the prologue. It is so well done you don't care if the pace slows as we are given an overview of the main characters. Additional tid-bits are dropped along the way.

Book Blurb for Claws and Fangs

Kelly Sims wishes for love, but concentrates on her work as a freelance writer. Assigned to write about Passion, Colorado’s first art festival, she’s thinking it’ll be an easy assignment. Damon Darrington and his brother, Jude, survived the Civil War, but they’re changed forever when a vampire and werewolf duo attack them. Losing control of their inner demons once was enough, and they’ve vowed to never put anyone’s safety at risk again. Years later, Riker Whitfield, the werewolf who changed Damon, finds him and asks his forgiveness. Since Riker was under the vampire’s spell, Damon forgives him, and the men forge a fast friendship. When the trio meets Kelly, they know they’ve found the one woman they can all share. But a jealous female vampire is out to take Kelly’s place. They’ll fight with claws and fangs to save her, but will they reach her in time? Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.50