Callie & The Cats

The Wolf's Mate, #3

Calliope "Callie" Marie Hunter is a reticent, gentle soul and best-friends with the Alpha of Tressel Pack and calls Allen, Kentucky home, or at least she used to. When she wrecks her car in King, Pennsylvania, she winds up bruised and bleeding in the hospital. Ethan Fallon and his twin brother Eryx, lion shifters and both deputies for the King Sheriff's Department, yearn for a mate who wants a close, warm and loving relationship with them and to have a family with them. Imagine their shock when they find her in a wrecked car out in the middle of nowhere.

The best of the Wolf's Mate series yet. I came to know Callie in book one Jason's and Cadence's story. She seemed kind of lost and fragile. I am so happy that she developed a backbone to stand up for what she wants. Women dream of finding one man like Ethan and Eryx. Someone caring and who is truly ready to settle down and have a family and remain faithful and Callie found two. The three put the needs of others above their own, who can ask for more?

This is the third book in the series and can be read as a stand-alone with no difficulty, but the series is so well-constructed you will be quickly drawn in and looking to read all seven books currently available without delay.

Book Blurb for Callie & The Cats

Callie Hunter, best friend to alpha half-wolf Cadence, has had enough of the pack life. Setting her sights on any place without wolves, she heads north only to be sidetracked by a devastating car crash that brings her face to face with twin mountain lions.

Ethan and Eryx, small town sheriff's deputies, knew the moment they touched Callie that she was the mate they'd always wanted. But mountain lion females don't take kindly to sharing their males with anyone else and will do anything in their power to discourage Callie from sticking around. Will Ethan and Eryx's desire for Callie cost them everything, or will Callie find her inner wolf and the home she's always dreamed of?

This novel contains menage-a-trois, hunky cops, handcuffs, an on-the-run she-wolf, sex in every room in the house, and inappropriate use of the phrase "assault with a deadly weapon".

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 5.00