Ball of Furry

Ridgeville, #3

"Ball of Furry", like all of Celia Kyle's Ridgeville series, is a humorous novella that will have you chuckling when you are not holding your breath through the suspenseful moments when the heroine is fighting to stay alive. Just when you think you have it all figured out, Ms. Kyle will show you that you were not as aware as you thought. Look for more than a few surprises along the way, especially the ending itself. Learn more about the Pride and their familiars and be ready to learn a few more secrets about shifter life. This series gives you a chance to read each story as a stand-alone if you wish, but I suggest you read them in order from the beginning to get the full in-depth story as it develops.

Carly Thompson caught her breath when she smelled her mate in the air. Turning to her friend Andrew, she just has to share the good news that her mate is there at the party celebrating her best friend Maya Johnson's mating to the Lion Prime, Alex O'Connell. Sad and disappointed that Carly could not share his desire that they mate, Andrew tells her to go find her mate. Slowly working her way through the throng of guests at Honey's Bar & Grill, one by one she eliminates them until there he is--Tall, Dark and Handsome. At last she has found her true mate, but wait, what is he doing letting that poaching human drape all over him? Then her heart breaks as he answers the sultry-voiced mate-thief's question as to whether he still loves her, "Of course darlin'." She runs away in January and has continued to run, avoid and dodge her mate at every turn since.

When July rolls around and the second Gaian Moon of the year arrives, Carly decides to stay in her bunny form far from the mating thrall. She is not ready nor does she want to be around anyone. Maybe one day she will find a male to reproduce with, but her heart hurts too much now. Neal has come to the woods to find his mate and to talk this out. The pull of mates is too strong to ignore forever without it causing them harm. Once he convinces her to shift back to human and talk with him the Gaian Moon's pull is too strong and they exchange mating marks. Thinking they may have a chance, Carly drifts to sleep hearing his last words before he too succumbs, "Thank you, Darlin'." The same endearment he uses for every other woman he comes into contact with. So, once again she runs. Then it is discovered someone wants Carly dead and is not afraid to take out anyone else in their way. The question becomes not will Carly accept the mating between her and Neal, but rather will she survive long enough to choose.

I am looking forward to getting the next book in the series "Head Over Tail" to continue my visit in Ridgeville. Come and join me on my journey there.

Sensual Level: Explicit

Overall Rating: Very Good

Book Blurb for Ball of Furry

Perfectly plump Carly's paranormal-wererabbit world goes kablooey on the night of the semiannual Gaian Moon. While all of the furry creatures in Ridgeville decide to knock boots and make babies, the only thing she wants to do is hide from all of the weenie-swinging men, including her would-be mate, Neal. There's no denying he's hotter-than-hot, and her bunny wants him more than her next dandelion, but there's just one teeny-tiny problem. You see, Neal has wandering eyes, and a love for women that's even bigger than his home state of Texas. But, to her surprise, the lion pounces when she least expects it...and claims her before she has the chance to say "No."

Furry bastard.

As if her life isn't crazy just happens to get that much crazier when someone decides they want her dead.

Question is--can she survive whomever or whatever the hell is hunting her, while trying her damnedest to get over the fact that Neal had a life before he met her?

For both their sakes, she sure as hell hopes so. (97 Pages)

Part of the "Ridgeville" Series

1. He Ain't Lion

2. You're Lion

3. Ball of Furry

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.50