Anita's Triple Temptation

Men of Montana, #4

Anita had recently lost her husband Craig to an on the job accident. She was then denied his life insurance. Anita struggles everyday to meet the basic needs of her and her sons. Now Craig's boss is determined to coax her into his life and his bed. Dave Olsen, James Bowman, and Kevin Tisdale have desired to show Anita how special she is to them. They fell in love with her long before Craig died, but never acted on it. They knew her marriage was not the best, but would never poach on a married woman. When Anita is assaulted, at the bar she is a waitress at, they can no longer stand by and watch as the danger around her grows.

You will be cheering for Anita, her boys and her men. Virgil on the other hand will make you want to wipe the floor with his entitled attitude and Smarmy and oily personality. He is the type character who has no redeeming traits and makes a sociopath look like Suzie homemaker. I wanted to shower every time read about him, because he made my skin crawl to think that there are those who are truly like him living among us.

Get ready for steamy and passionate romance scenes to warm your heart and your imagination. Be warned, you could be tempted to go and look for your own Montana triple temptation. Let us know if you find them!

With characters so vivid they seem real and a town you might want to live in yourself, how can you deny yourself your very own Cowboy or Cowboys as the case may be. Pick up a copy of Anita's Triple Temptation today and spice up your night.

Book Blurb for Anita's Triple Temptation

After tragedy strikes, Anita Cummings is left to raise her three children on her own. Or, so she thought. The day her life took a tragic turn became a new beginning of love, friendship, and a new experience into the world of polyamorous relationships upon meeting the crew from the Circle G ranch.

Dave Olson, James Bowman, and Kevin Tisdale have set their sights on the grieving woman. Through the months they show her their love for her is real, and now it is time to claim her.

They prove to her that they will provide for her and protect her, but can she open up her own heart to the three men and trust them with her boys? Everyone at the Circle G is there to help, and when danger comes calling again, dragging her and one of her men into its clutches, can they work together to save them?

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, light consensual BDSM, spanking, flogging, HEA]

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 4.00