Alyssa's Wolves

Wolf Masters, Book 4

Alyssa, eighteen, finds herself running from the nightmare her pack leader, Fredrick Wells, has planned for her. Wells has stated that Alyssa is to be given to his brother Dwight, who is three times Alyssa's age and grossly fat, as his new mate. Alyssa has lived in fear of this her entire life as she was betrothed to Dwight at birth. Dwight already has three other wives even though there is a shortage of women in the pack. In desperation she runs away in the night seeking a new life anywhere far away from Oklahoma.

After running for hours she finally makes it to a truck stop where she meets Charles Masters and his best friend Reese and gets them to take her with them. They take her to Charles' family farm in Oregon where they convince her she is mated to Charles' brother Michael so that those sent to investigate from her old pack will leave her alone. Unbeknownst to Alyssa, Michael really is her mate, but she is too young to be claimed so Michael goes to his family's relatives in Spain to give her time to grow up.

In the following two years Alyssa gets her degree and matures into a stunning, confident women. While at the rodeo with the Masters women Alyssa catches an intoxicating scent, that of her mate, and it is not Michael. She tells the other women and they are sure she is mistaken, especially since they know Michael is her mate. What they are afraid of is he may not be her only mate. Michael receives a call in Spain telling him of a problem that has come up. He rushes home planning to claim his mate, but Alyssa cannot go ahead without finding out about the wolf from the rodeo and why he rejected her.

Tyler Evans was sent by Fredrick Wells, also his pack leader, to verify Alyssa was really mated to Michael Masters. He finds no evidence that she is, but as he is following her in the stadium at the rodeo he smells her scent and his world is knocked off its axis. His entire being reacts to Alyssa's scent and he realizes she is his mate. Knowing he cannot claim her and take her back to Oklahoma he literally runs leaving her behind. He lies to Wells and tells him Alyssa is mated to Michael and then he makes plans to leave his pack forever and start over in Denver, stopping by in Oregon to claim Alyssa on the way.

Two mates, neither wanting to share. A past threat to the mate they both desire. A woman left confused and torn between the shifters her body calls to? Can they come together in harmony or will they all loose when her old pack leader shows an interest Alyssa once again? Is this the end their hopes for a future? Read the fourth installment of Becca Jameson's Master Wolves and revisit old friends from the prior three books. It is a most pleasurable way to spend a couple of hours. The only fault I could find was I did not want the book to end. I hope Ms. Jameson has plans to have another Master Wolves book soon.

Book Blurb for Alyssa's Wolves

Becca Jameson heats up the passion in Book 4 of the Wolf Masters series, Alyssa’s Wolves. Alyssa, Tyler, and Michael are shocked to find their destiny lies in being mated as a trio. None of the three is interested in a ménage, but fate has stepped in. Now they must find a way to merge their paths while vanquishing the threats from their pasts.

After fleeing an arranged marriage in a polygamist society in Oklahoma, Alyssa Franklin wants nothing more than to enjoy her early twenties, take some classes at the local college, and learn about the world outside the confines of her childhood pack. Embraced by the loving Masters family in Oregon, Alyssa is beyond grateful for her good fortune. Nothing can upset her new life, except maybe the scent of her mate wafting toward her at a local rodeo.

Tyler Evans has been sent from Alyssa’s Oklahoma pack to ensure she is indeed mated to one of the Masters. He’s completely unprepared to realize Alyssa is his mate. In a rash, split-second decision, he flees her presence, not wishing to upset the perfect life his mate is living. Tortured with the need to be with Alyssa and unable to avoid the pull she has on him, he abandons his family in Oklahoma and treks to Oregon to claim his mate.

Michael Masters has been living in Spain for two years, knowing Alyssa is his mate and wishing to give her time to mature and experience life before claiming her. When he learns she believes another man is destined for her, he returns from abroad to claim his mate. Hoping she was mistaken, Michael treads lightly with his fingers crossed that fate has not deemed it necessary to share her.

When these three souls collide, tension rises. None of them are interested in a ménage. However, fate has other plans. Can the three lovers, drawn to each other by a power they can’t deny, work together to become a unit? Or will outside forces be able to tear them apart before they’ve even had a chance to consummate their mating?

Content:Hot Explicit Romance, Anal Play, Ménage or Polyamory, MFM

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 4.50