A Wolf's Lust

Men of Passion Colorado 2

Samantha Chambers had returned to the scene of her greatest nightmare. Ten years earlier after fighting with her parents she stormed off in a huff to pout and got lost. Unfortunately for her she was found by Burl Scaggs who was convinced he had the right to do whatever he pleased with her whether she agreed or not. Saved that day by a teenage boy, Blake Branson, and his father, she has returned to find the creature from a decade before, to destroy it and prove once and for all she did not imagine what she remembers. Once again she is saved from the creature, this time by the boy now a handsome hunter who shoots at the strange wolf about to have her for lunch. Blake and his friends, Reed Hudson and Victor Lassiter, know she is the mate they have been waiting for. Now they just have her fall in love with them so they can claim her before Burl succeeds on his third attempt to capture her for his own sinister desires.

From beginning to end your heart will pound, either from the danger or the volcanic eruptions of passion that sears off the page. This is a fast paced story by Jane Jamison.

"A Wolf's Lust" is the second in the Men of Passion series, but can easily be read as a standalone novel. The tying of the threads and strong characters are what makes Ms. Jamison an exceptional writer. She offers us alpha males that treat their women like the most important thing in their world. The way we all would like to be treated. If I could find my way to Passion, Colorado I would go tomorrow and look for one of these mystical beings to call my own. Since I cannot I will satisfy my craving for one by living vicariously through the tantalizing books of Jane Jamison.

Book Blurb for A Wolf's Lust

Samantha Chambers escaped a werewolf attack ten years earlier thanks to a father and his son. Too bad no one believed her that werewolves are real. Now she’s returned to Passion, Colorado, to find evidence to prove her claim. Werewolves Blake Branson and Victor Lassiter, along with their werecat friend Reed Hudson, want to find one woman to share for life. When Blake rescues Sam for the second time, they realize fate has stepped in and brought their mate to them. The killer werewolf has other ideas. Sam escaped him twice, but he won’t let her get away a third time. Protecting Sam while hunting a murderous werewolf stretches the men to their limits. But when the killer takes Sam and Blake, will Reed and Victor free both their friends in time?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 4.50