Wolf's Lady

Jessica Marting wrote a quick, enjoyable read with this book. It is a historical paranormal book and was a fun read. She made the characters a pleasure to get to know with the bad guys very easy to dislike. The descriptions were well detailed and the story flowed well. The pages sizzled between the main characters as they got to know each other. This story is a one of one; however, I am looking forward to reading more from this author.

Lady Adelle Thornber has been forced into a marriage she didn't want after being “ruined” by a man who would never marry her. With her broken heart and tattered reputation she finds herself set for a quiet new home in Scotland to marry a man that wasn't looking for a wife. Lord Henry MacAulay has been forced to take a bride in order to keep a secret fragile peace in place. As he battles with his own secrets and when to share them, Adelle must share her own secrets with him. As danger comes to the quiet doors of Roseheath their secrets will either tear them apart or bring them closer together.

Book Blurb for Wolf's Lady

The only mistake Lady Adelle Thornber ever made turned into a scandal that rocked London and saw her banished to Scotland, the reluctant bride of a reclusive baron. But Lord Henry MacAulay isn’t what she expected: he cares deeply for his barony and for her.

As the sole heir to the Roseheath title and werewolf alpha, Henry knew that he had to take a mate someday. He just didn’t expect to find her in a disgraced noble’s daughter forced into marriage with him. But as he falls more deeply in love with Adelle, he can’t bring himself to tell her what he really is. But when he can, it isn’t his werewolf nature that may tear them apart.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 3.50