Untamable Lover

Worlds of Lemuria: Earth Colony, #2

Untameable Lover is the second book in the Worlds of Lemuria: Earth Colony by Rosalie Redd. This book was well written and flowed well from the previous story, adding to the series. The characters became more rounded and it was a pleasure to read of a strong female lead character. Ms. Redd has great skill in her writing style to draw the reader in and have the reader submerge themselves in the story and plot line. I am looking forward to reading more on the war that is at the base of the story and find out which side wins the war.

Demir is the Panthera leader and has been struck paralyzed by an enemy dart. As his second in command, Aramie is determined to find the cure to to bring Demir back. After a last where her and her sister have always been on the run, Aramie has finally found her spot within the pride. As she embarks on a dangerous mission to find the one thing that will help Demir she experiences tremendous loss. As she finally finds an end to her mission she must determine if she can submit to Demir and be his mate or if death is her only option.

Book Blurb for Untamable Lover

A World at War…

Shape-shifting Lemurian warriors battle against a deceptive, ruthless enemy in the dark of night. The prize—Earth’s most precious resource—water, and the fate of humankind.

A reckless commander…

Panthera leader Demir is stricken by the enemy’s dart and trapped in his fevered, haunted mind with only the memories of his brutal, violent past and his lost mate. When Aramie, his second in command, takes control of the Pride, she breaks one of the revered laws in her quest for the sacred blue sunstone—Demir’s only chance at life. His duty and honor force him to impose punishment despite his unbidden desire to claim her as his mate.

A hardened warrior…

Battle hardened Aramie is strong and determined—she will never bow to the Panthera mating ritual and sacrifice her independence. Instead, her deeply buried feelings for Demir drive her to a dangerous quest and rash decisions. With grief fueling her anger, she takes on a solo mission for revenge, and when Demir’s life is on the line, she must decide—submit to him as his mate, or lose him forever.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2016 4.00