Touch of Madness

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Touch of Madness

Kate Reilly is one of the Thrall's "Not Prey". These few humans must be treated by the Thrall, vampires, with respect and not be lied to as long as they do nothing to lose their status. Kate has recently survived an altercation where the Thrall attempted to make her their next queen, in Touch of Evil. Kate attends a meeting concerning a medical experience using Not Prey and Thrall eggs and things begin to go horribly wrong. She quickly finds herself in court for murder and destruction of hospital property. During this time Kate is also working on her relationship with her boyfriend, Tom.

Tom is not only Kate's boyfriend and a fire fighter, he is also a werewolf. As a werewolf Tom has the ability to shield Kate from the Thrall. Tom's pack is attempting to split Kate and Tom up as he has a duty to the pack to help the pack grow in numbers.

During the incident at the hospital someone steals some of the Thrall's eggs and the Thrall enlist Kate to find the person who has the eggs. Kate helps the Thrall as they offer the opportunity to save her brother who has been turned into a zombie from drug use. During the recent altercation in Touch of Evil Kate's brother is slightly healed and Kate would do anything to help him. During Kate's investigation she meets new friends, deals with old friends and encounters old enemies. She also learns more of her psychic abilities.

Touch of Madness is the second book in the Thrall series. I found this book well written and a pleasure to read. I would strongly recommend reading Touch of Evil first though as much of the Thrall world is explained. I look forward to reading more from this dynamic duo of writers, Ms Adams and Ms Clamp do a wonderful job of creating a new world and wonderful characters that draws one right into the story and steamy scenes.

Book Blurb for Touch of Madness

Kate Reilly is having a bad month
She's on trial for murders she didn't commit. She's next on the list of a serial killer. The parasitic vampires known as the Thrall want her to investigate the murder of their young, and will use any means necessary to force her to bow to their demands.
And--possibly worst of all--her boyfriend Tom's werewolf pack is trying to break them up so Tom can mate with a werewolf to ensure the survival of his pack.
Now Kate must fight for Tom--and fight for her very survival in this brand new paranormal romance from the unbeatable, bestselling team of C. T. Adams and Cathy Clamp.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 4.50