Thief of Hearts

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Thief of Hearts

The Pruxnae, #1

Thief of Hearts is the first book in the Pruxnae series. Lucy Varna introduces us to a inventive new world that is easy to be drawn into and left with wanting more. This science fiction romance is a joy to try to follow. The Pruxnae are a proud race that have to leave their planet to steal their brides and find a way to woo them into staying with them. This first book brings understanding and knowledge of their way life. The characters were delightful to get to know. Gared is such a charmer while Alna is a strong determined woman. The book was an absolute pleasure to read and I fully look forward to continuing with the series.

Alna Lomig is about to be appointed to the Queen’s Elite Guard when she draws the attention of Gared. Gared is just tagging along on the raiding trip, never really believing that he is ready for a wife, until he runs into Alna and is irresistibly drawn to her. He quickly comes up with a plan to steal her away from the city and to attempt to woo her to be his wife. As Alna is stolen away and attempts to escape she realizes that the jungle they are hiding in has many secrets that has been lost to her race and there are dangers also hidden in the jungle. Alna and Gared must fight the dangers together and must decide if their budding relationship is worth its own battle.

Book Blurb for Thief of Hearts

On the eve of her appointment to the ranks of the elite Queen's Guard, Alna Lomig bumps into Gared ab Einif. Her wariness of the handsome Pruxnæ melts under his roguish charm, softening her resistance to his gentle courtship. When he sneaks into her room in the House of Jakuv, she offers one night of shelter and nothing more, certainly not the kiss he's come to claim.

Gared has more than a single kiss on his mind. He's searching for the one woman who can give him his most secret desire. To get it, he's not above kidnapping a beautiful Lady Warrior and hiding her away in her home planet's dense jungle.

The jungle holds more than refuge. Within its verdant foliage lurks a danger even a wily Pruxnæ isn't prepared for, forcing Alna and Gared to face the truth lying within their hearts before the jungle destroys them both.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.50