The Telesians (Collection)

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The Telesians (Collection)

This book has three stories in it of the Telesian's. The Telesian's are a women warrior culture who has a matriarchal society. The Telesian's must come to terms with the changing world and deal with men from Earth, who does not take orders like the men from their planet.

Siren's Challenge: Chiara DaeJanay is a Siren Commander and a sixth-level mistress in sexual combat for the Telesian's. She is in charge of an iridium rich moon. Jeff Holst is a Captain for the Alliance High Command and has a new deadly weapon he has been ordered to use on the moon to get iridium. He has orders to get the materials but not to pay for it. He must get Chiara to offer him a challenge for the rights to the iridium. She offers the challenge to him and it is a sex challenge, the first person to get the other to come 4 times to win the challenge. As the scenes sizzle and danger comes closer they must sort through their feelings for one another and find a way to save the people on the moon.

Siren's Surrender: Lara NaeRutha is a fifth-level martial arts expert; she is also Chiara's second in command. Thomas McQuade is Jeff Holst's second in command; he is also condescending to the women Officer's who remained on the moon after Jeff and Chiara's mating. As the two crews merge, there are some problems from both sides. Lara challenges Thomas to a fight to prove that she is a better soldier than he is. Once the battle is over, Lara and Thomas realize that they have been bickering so much because of a mutual attraction to one another.

Siren's Song: Rana is the Bard for the Telesian's; she and Michael Willis have been sent to investigate a planet that may be a good home for the combined crews. As they investigate, strange things happen on the planet and Michael becomes uncomfortable with everything happening. The planet begins affecting Michael and Rana helps him deal with his past pain.

This book was a sizzling, quick read. A perfect book for a cold day out as it makes it hot inside.

Book Blurb for The Telesians (Collection)

Siren's Challenge: The humans have a weapon too lethal to use. The Telesians own an ore-rich moon. Two cultures clash in space. To avoid annihilation, they agree to settle things the old fashioned way. With sex. Who will win the Siren's Challenge?

Siren's Surrender: Lara NaeRutha knows men are good for raising children and satisfying women in bed. Tom McQuade is no woman's plaything, but he does have one weapon on his side that Lara can't conquer: her own body. Will Lara risk her dreams and her very life to resist the insolent Earther? Or will she make a siren's ultimate surrender?

Siren's Song: No Telesian crew would be complete without a Bard to sing their praises. Rana NaeCynna finds herself in a quandary when her epic poems must contain the heroic efforts of Earth men as well. Worse, her body seems to have chosen anti-hero Mick Willis as her lifelong mate. How can such a scoundrel play a part in her Siren's Song?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 3.50