The Fiery Cross

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The Fiery Cross

Outlander Series - Book 5

Claire Randall, who was first met in “Outlander”, returned to her own time at the end of “Outlander”, pregnant with Jamie Fraser’s child, after missing from her own time for 2 years. Claire has discovered that Jaime did not die at Culloden as believed and returned to find him in his time in an earlier book. In this book, the story centers on Jamie and Claire’s life in the New World. Also, the book spends a lot of time on Roger and Brianna. Brianna is Jamie and Claire’s daughter and Roger is her husband. They are both also from the future. So, with the knowledge of what is to come Jamie must decide whether knowing of future events will change how he would normally deal with life or will the knowledge of upcoming war and death change his decisions. Also, along with the knowledge of war, the family must deal with the fact that news was reported of the whole family dying in a house fire in 5 years time.
This book is the fifth in the Outlander series. Ms. Gabaldon is able to create realistic, likeable characters who you enjoy returning to time and again. Also, the author did an excellent job portraying both the past and present Scotland the trials associated with the new world in the 18th century. I did find some of the book a little long, at some points it was hard to pick the book back up as too much detail was given sometimes too many descriptions at points; however, it does provide a clearer picture of what the author is trying to express. I am normally a fast reader; however, it took me two months to get through this book. 

Book Blurb for The Fiery Cross

New York Times bestselling author Diana Gabaldon mesmerized readers with her award-winning Outlander novels, four dazzling tales featuring eighteenth-century Scotsman James Fraser and his twentieth-century time-traveling wife, Claire Randall.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 3.50