The Dragon Laird

Dragon Spawn Chronicles

Laird Dylan has always been alone, he has had a curse hanging over his head since he was born and a mark was discovered on his body. As he protects and leads his people he is always held apart due to their fear of him. One day, upon entering an enchanted forest to look for two of his missing men he comes upon a woman and he becomes enamoured with her, not even knowing her name. As she disappears from sight he is drawn to discover who she is.

Rhiannon is a young woman with healing abilities and a strong sense of loyalty to her brother. She has also been told that she has a prophecy to take part in, her own battle to fight and she must find the Chosen one, the won who can help her win this battle. As her brother heads into his first battle, she follows disguised as a man. As she is taken prisoner, she meets Laird Dylan and she believes that he could be the man she is looking for.

As Rhiannon and Dylan discover each others secrets they must decide if they can combat the fact that their clans are enemies. Also, as they get closer they find out more truths of themselves. They will need to work together to win the coming battle and to find the love they both desire.

Ms Lynne writes a story of a mystical time, where dragons are real and so are other magical beings, where battles between good and evil take place. She makes the characters believable and likable and keeps the reader entranced with the story. With well described scenes she draws the reader in. I am looking forward to reading more from this author.

Book Blurb for The Dragon Laird

Enchanted as a child, Rhiannon grows up hidden, safe from a destiny that could be disastrous to her world. But when an evil sorcerer, seeking to destroy the Power of Two, opens the veiled gate that holds the dragons underground, Rhiannon must emerge. She must find the warrior marked with the dragon’s flame, for only he can defeat the evil devouring the land.

Laird Dylan is a shadow in his own keep. Branded at birth with a dragon's head mark, he is shackled to a cursed life. Now dragons lay waste to his land. But his duty to stop them is derailed when he meets a woman who is unafraid of his shadowed past—a woman he could love.

In the midst of evil, Dylan and Rhiannon find a love more powerful than dragons and sorcerers. But will it be lost to save the world they know?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00