Sorcerer's Daughter

Marina is the daughter of, Knut, one of the most powerful sorcerer's in the land. She doesn't remember anything from before Duncan was enchanted into the form of the Beast, an inhuman looking being with only human hands to remind himself and others that he was once human. Marina and the being she knows as Beast become unlikely friends for 5 years, ever since Duncan was enchanted. As the story continues Marina and Duncan break the enchantment over Duncan and escape the sorcerer, as Marina is told by Duncan that she is not Knut's daughter but another enchanted person.

Marina, who's real name is Anna, went to Knut's fortress to retrieve the grimoire, a magical book in which Knut had stolen. Once Knut realized who Anna was he enchanted her to believe that she was his daughter and to forget her former life, to keep her close. Duncan had gone to the fortress to rescue Anna and was caught. He was enchanted to look like a beast with a particular back door to the spell, which they were able to find.

After Anna and Duncan's escape and Anna's close call with death as the spell collapses, Anna and her friends at the Mage University try to find a way to save the land against Knut. Knut is using his powers to break friendship and loyalty within the Baron's who rule the Five Lands.

As a powerful enemy plots against them, Anna and Duncan work together to figure out their future and how to save the Five Lands.

This book is a very steamy story, a quick and interesting read.

Book Blurb for Sorcerer's Daughter

Marina can't remember anything from the time before her father caught a thief and turned him into the Beast. All she's sure of is that she's the sorcerer's daughter, that the Beast is her friend, and that somewhere, hidden under the enchantment, is a man who seems to be searching for something deep inside her every time he looks at her. Not to mention the dreams that feel almost like memories and the woman in the dreams who seems so real that Marina feels like she's dreaming scenes from somebody else's life.

Duncan knows Marina is under an enchantment, even if it isn't as obvious as the one that left him looking like a monster. And he's certain that underneath Marina's enchantment she's the woman he was willing to risk his life to save from the sorcerer. He knows breaking their enchantments is going to be easy compared to picking up where they left off before they wandered so foolishly into the sorcerer's fortress. Convincing the woman of his dreams that she's so much more than just a passing fancy turns out the be the hardest thing of all.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 3.25