Simon's Fate

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Simon's Fate

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Moira has been living in Strange Hollow for almost a year; she has left her family and her job and has settled down in this little town that misfits find themselves. She is a former Fate. She is unable to touch people without seeing their entire future and she has had to make decisions on whether or not to help the people she touches. All this changes when she finds a stranger hiding in the basement of her work. She is able to touch him, without seeing his future. Simon is a vampire, on the run from his brothers, and he is not able to see blood without passing out. Moira is determined to help Simon and keep him close.

In this short story Ms Royce quickly draws the reader to the characters and sets the pages on fire. I enjoyed this book and hope to see more from the interesting characters in Strange Hollow as I think there are many more stories to be told.

Book Blurb for Simon's Fate

Moira has lived in Strange Hollow for almost a year, unable to touch anyone, lest she should see their future. Moira is a former Fate who chose to leave her job, not liking the competitive, outlandish destinies the Fates were bestowing on humanity. Always nervous, she is accepted but lonely. That is, until she stumbles upon Simon who is hiding in the basement of the Strange Hollow Visitor’s Center. A vampire, Simon is on the run from his brothers, but hampered by his blood phobia, which makes him pass out at either the sight or smell of it--a difficult situation for a vampire to find himself in.

Together, the two will discover that with just a little help from the person you love, anything is possible--especially in Strange Hollow.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50