Shadow Of The Wolf

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Shadow Of The Wolf

Saleene is a magical being sent out by her council to rid the world of the evil that has spread across the land. As she is on her search she comes across interesting and helpful people, one of which foretells her future to meet up with a group of men who will help her in her quest.

Dartian is a warrior, who has been foretold would help Saleene. As battle and death occurs around them, Dartian is informed by one of his people to watch out for Saleene and keep her safe as she is needed for the upcoming battle. He is told that she does not even recognize her own magical power and strength.

As attacks are made against Saleene and her companions, they have to deal with death and life. Dartian is of a different, secretive race. He has the ability to change form to a wolf. As Saleene is injured, Dartian takes her to one of his villages to save her life.

As their journey continues they meet with allies and enemies and give aide where they can. During that time, Dartian tries to come to terms with the fact that he considers Saleene his mate, where he has never heard of another of his kind with a mate who is not of his race. Saleene and Dartian find themselves inexplicitly drawn towards each other, with feelings of recognition between them.

This story has well written characters and an interesting storyline, I did, however, find it was a little hard to get into in the beginning and it was a little long winded, but overall it was a good storyline.

Book Blurb for Shadow Of The Wolf

A woman of nature, Saleene has answered only to herself. Born with the gift of magick, she is endeavored by the council to seek out the source of evil that has spread across the lands.

Dartian is a warrior without equal, his sword and his strength of will legendary throughout the lands. He is asked to lead a group of men on a quest to rid the world of the darkness that is spreading through their world, a task he takes on, no questions asked. Full of strength, he hides within a secret that only a few outside of his clan know of, the ability to change into the great wolf.

Never in his life has he been questioned as he leads, always followed by those in his charge, that is, till he meets Saleene and her eyes speak defiance.

Together they find themselves immersed in a battle to save the world. Danger thrown at them from around every corner, they find their bond growing with each breath. As the evil increases so does the desire that burns deep within. Saleene begins to wonder if she will indeed lose her soul to the enemy they pursue or the man who stands strong beside her.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 3.00