Scarred Warrior

Dark Warrior Alliance, #4

Once again the authors did a fantastic job of continuing this new and exciting series. I can not wait to read more form these authors in the series; the storyline is intense and fun to follow. I recommend reading the books in order as the authors continue to build an intricate and well developed story and world to submerge yourself in. The pages sizzled between the main characters as Gerrick fights his attraction as he feels he is betraying his dead mate and Shae tries to comprehend all she has survived.

The Dark Warriors take part in a daring rescue, to save many captured women of their race from the archdemon that is stealing their women to conduct horrible tests and subject them to torture. Gerrick quickly finds himself undeniably drawn to one of the prisoners, Shae. He is confused and angry with the attraction as his Fated Mate, whom they are only given one of, was murdered over 400 years before. He worries that he is drawn to her because of something the archdemon has done to her. Shae was just an ordinary woman when she was captured and tried her best to keep the other women safe while in captivity. She took the brunt of the attacks from the archdemon and now has to battle his hold on her. She finds herself drawn to Gerrick and can’t stand the thought of being forced to be with someone, especially as strong and forceful as Gerrick. As they both try to fight their feelings they will continue to be tested.

Book Blurb for Scarred Warrior

Being a Dark Warrior and protecting others has been the only focus in Gerrick Haele’s life for centuries, until he receives the shock of his life when one of the females he rescues from the archdemon’s clutches ignites an arousal that hints at her being his Fated Mate. Problem is, Gerrick’s Fated Mate was murdered four hundred years earlier and you are only ever given one mate in a lifetime. Questions of Dark magic and deception carry him down a path involving time travel, serums and fights to the death. Can he set aside his doubt and be the male Shae needs him to be, or will his past come back to haunt him and history repeat itself?

Shae Mitchell has spent the last seven months being tormented, raped and tortured by vile archdemons and just wants her suffering to end. She is on the verge of giving up completely when Gerrick sweeps in to rescue her. Her relief at being liberated is short-lived when she realizes the demons have sunk their claws far deeper than the scars on her neck. As she fights to rid her mind of the archdemon’s influence, she discovers that the explosive heat she shares with the sexy Dark Warrior threatens to consume her whole.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2016 4.50