Daughters of the People, #5

Sanctuary is the fifth book in the Daughters of the People series by Lucy Varna. Once again Ms Varna has delivered a well written, enjoyable story that only compliments the rest of her series. While the book is listed that it is a stand alone I fully suggest reading all of the books together as the story line is comprehensive, entertaining and a pleasure to read. I am waiting eagerly for the rest of the series to find out if the Daughters discover all they need to lift their curse. The story is well developed and flows nicely from page to page while the detailed characters are a pleasure to learn more about. The reader can easily find themselves sharing laughter, fear and determination with the characters and it almost seems like one is intruding on the sizzling love scenes.

Jerusha is and immortal Daughter and is the daughter of the Blade. She was given a duty from the Blade to investigate clues to finding Sanctuary and the Lost City. Sanctuary needs to be found in order to lift the curse on the Daughters. On her investigation she will need help and that help comes in the form of Drew Martin, a former Delta Force soldier who now works with Jerusha's brother in security. As Jerusha and Drew get closer to finding the clues they need, their enemy also draws closer. Jerusha and Drew must determine how much they trust each other and Jerusha will need to decide whether she can depend on this man.

Book Blurb for Sanctuary

Jerusha Mankiller has found herself in a lot of tight spots during her century and a half of living, but her current assignment takes the cake. Her mother, the formidable Blade, has sent her halfway around the world to investigate clues to the locations of Sanctuary and the City of the Sisters. The catch? Her cover is as the wife of her brother’s best friend, a former Delta Force Operator with a smart attitude and a wicked smile.

Playing somebody’s husband isn’t a new cover for Drew Martin, but it’s the first time he’s partnered a woman he’s got the hots for. Unfortunately, Jerusha treats him like her kid brother, and when she’s not, she’s instituted a strictly hands-off policy. One kiss wouldn’t kill her, would it? And at least then he’d know if the wild attraction tugging at him affected her, too.

Tracking down decades-old leads isn’t exactly easy, though. Soon, Jerusha and Drew have their hands full countering the problems cropping up around every corner. Someone is tailing them, the Shadow Enemy turns up in the unlikeliest of places, and an ancient Daughter sets her cap for Drew, leaving him wondering what could possibly go wrong next.

Daughters of the People: Immortal Amazons unjustly cursed, struggling to save their People, and their hearts.

Stands Alone: Yes - But best read in series order.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.50