Retreat to Danger

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Retreat to Danger

Maureen Ripley is on the run from her violent ex-husband, Joe. She and Sam, her son, have moved to Serenity Bay for a fresh start and to hide from her ex. Mauri is a romance writer and hopes that the beautiful scenery in Serenity Bay can help her write. She is happy with the move, until she meets her new neighbor.

Greg Sanders is Maureen's new neighbor. He is a divorced fisherman who has a deep distrust in women. Mauri and Greg do not get off to the right start but he finds himself drawn to the interesting new neighbor and her son.

Mauri learns to trust some of the people in her new community as she gets to know them and slowly reveals the truth of her circumstances to her new friends. Before Mauri can tell Greg the truth, he goes to New York to find answers to Mauri's mysteries. There he finds some horrible truths and some horrible lies and quickly distrusts Mauri until she lets him know her whole past with Joe.

Greg and Mauri start to spend more time together until Greg shatters Mauri's trust in him. As they attempt to make peace for Sam's sake, disaster strikes. They must get though the ordeal together.

Ms. McPhee writes an interesting story with Retreat to Danger. This book was difficult to put down and enjoyable to read. There were some problems with the writing of the story but it did not detract from the overall story.

Book Blurb for Retreat to Danger

Reclusive lobster fisherman Greg Sanders treasures his privacy, but the half naked woman on the beach magnetizes his interest. Had he known the danger of knowing her he would have stayed at sea.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 3.00