Red Hot Magic

Devon Falls, #2

"Welcome to Devon Falls. This sleepy town is about to get the shock of a lifetime when some of the residents get in love's radar! With their true loves on their way to their sleepy little town, look for some sparks to fly as these very special couples fall under the spell of love and seductive passion.

" Red Hot Magic is the first book in the "Magic" series of 5. Charmed Magic is releasing March 31, 2007.

The story takes place in Devon Falls, at Valentine's, and features the first annual Bachelor/Dog Auction to benefit the local animal shelter. As Valentine's Day and the Bachelor/Dog Auction approaches, Raven is plagued by sensual dreams of a man who she has never met before and makes her feel things she didn't think she would again. Raven is encouraged to go to the auction by her best friend Jenna. Jenna is happily in love with Marc and wants the same for Raven.

At the auction Raven sees her Dream man in person and has to win him, for herself. Jean-Claude is the man in her dreams and is a Dream Walker who is searching for his soul mate. Jean-Claude knows that Raven is his soul mate and has until midnight on the night of the auction to win her love or he has to wait hundreds of years to try to find her again.

The book is a sensuous read and a quick, easy read. The author has a good story idea; however, I found the lack of attention to punctuation a little distracting.

Book Blurb for Red Hot Magic

Raven Demarco has sworn off men after one too many disastrous dates and soon begins dreaming of a mystery man who makes her feel things that she never expects to feel again. When the auction comes closer, her sensual dreams become more than she can handle and she finds herself wishing her dream man would show up and sweep her off her feet. What will she do when the man himself comes to claim her: Heart, body and soul?

Jean-Claude LeFever is a dream walker and has searched for years for his mate and finally found her in Raven. With his seduction of her in her dreams driving them wild, he makes sure to come to Devon Falls and make her his for all time as time is running out for him and their love. If she doesn’t fall in love with him by midnight, Jean-Claude is destined to walk the planes of dreams for the next hundred years before finding his love again. Can he be able to steal her heart and make her his for all time? Or will it be too late for them?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2007 3.00