1 Night Stand Series

Carly Penn has a secret she is hiding from her friends and family. She is dying and as she sits at her brothers' wedding to her best friend she contemplates her future, or lack thereof. She has decided to use the same dating service that got her brother and best friend together. She figures one last night of passion will help get her through the pain. Little did she realize just how much one night could change her life.

Agoston "Gus" Barabas is a vampire, awaiting the return of his one true love. He went through the dating service to find a companion for the night while he continues to wait for his soul mate. To his surprise he finds his soul mates soul within Carly. As he makes this revelation he also realizes that he can't take his time explaining things as Carly has little time left. As he shocks her with his past and truth she must make the hardest decision in her life.

Rebirth is a book in the 1 Night Stand series. The series is based off of a dating service run by Madame Eve, who brings together soul mates. I really enjoy this series as they are short reads; however, they get the story across in a well thought out plan and fully draw the reader into the story. The fact that the love scenes are tender and intense all at the same time is another attribute to the author. Ms Royce is a phenomenal writer and I always look forward to more from her.

Book Blurb for Rebirth

Carly Penn is thrilled when her older brother, Joe, marries her dear friend, Kaylee, with the help of the 1Night Stand service. Now, looking for a final bout of passion to carry her through as terminal cancer steals her life, she’s turned to Madame Eve for herself. She doesn’t expect a happy ending, just a single night to remember as she faces the end of her days.

Vampire Agoston Barabás was forced to watch his true love, Dorika, murdered two hundred earlier, and clings to her dying promise to return to him. He takes one night at a time, never loving or becoming involved with another as he waits for his lover to find him. When he meets his date from 1Night Stand, he’s shocked to discover she carries the soul of his Dorika and the heart of a woman he could love.

As their fates collide in passionate lovemaking, Agoston offers Carly an unexpected option—live or die together. Dare she risk eternity with a vampire, even if his tender touch brings her a greater joy than she has ever known?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.50