Raintree: Sanctuary

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Raintree: Sanctuary

Silhouette - Raintree: Book 3

Mercy Raintree is the guardian of the Raintree Sanctuary. She is the sister to the Raintree Dranir; she is a powerful empath and is able to heal people and Raintree both physically and spiritually. Mercy lives at Sanctuary with her daughter, Eve and guards close the truth of her daughters' paternity.

Judah had a one-night stand with Mercy in the past. He knew exactly who he was with, a Princess Raintree; she however, did not know that he was one of her mortal enemies until the next morning. Judah swore that Mercy would be his Raintree to kill. Judah had the right to claim any kill, as he is the Dranir for the Ansara.

When an enemy within Judah's clan makes an attempt on Mercy's life, Judah saves her as he still claims his right to be the one to kill her. After her rescue he meets Eve, at that point all things begin changing for both the Raintree and Ansara. Eve has a special destiny that will affect both Raintree and Ansara.

Raintree: Sanctuary was a fantastic conclusion to a wonderful trilogy. I found the characters were intense and interesting and I enjoyed Eve and her antics. Sanctuary brings to a close the climatic battle that the series was building together and we get a glimpse of what the future will hold for all of the Raintree and Ansara. I would love to see more from this superb trio of writers. The Raintree series is definitely in my "keep pile" and I plan to reread them together soon.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 5.00