Prince of Swords

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Prince of Swords

Rayne has been imprisoned for months while she awaits Ciro, a demon possessed prince, to return and claim her as his wife and force a child on her. Rayne is pure of body, soul and spirit and has been imprisoned to remain that way. Ciro has been told by the demon that possesses him that he must have a child with Rayne. Rayne is the secluded daughter of a wizard. Rayne has no magical powers and wishes to lead a quite life with no magic in it. Her mother made a crystal dagger many years ago; knowing that one-day it would necessary.

Lyr Hern is the Prince of Swords, the leader of the Circle of Bacwyr and war advisor to the King. He has taken over the position from his father. Lyr also has the ability to stop time. That ability comes in handy when he has to rescue Rayne from attack. Lyr is not at Rayne's home to rescue her, he is there looking for the crystal dagger, which only she knows the whereabouts of. She offers a deal, if he takes her to a safe place and she will give him the dagger. The story continues as Rayne tries to corrupt her soul, which is hysterical, Rayne learns new truths of herself and the book moves on to the final battles with the demon possessed Ciro.

Prince of Swords is the final installment to the Children of the Sun series, which continues the Sisters of the Sun trilogy. Yet again Ms. Handeland has given the reader a fast paced, well written book that pulls the reader in from page one and keeps us wanting more. I hope to see more from Ms. Handeland in the future and hope that she comes up with another well thought out series.

Book Blurb for Prince of Swords

In the last installment of the Children of the Sun trilogy, a shackled virgin must choose between the monster she knows and a sexy stranger who could spell doom-or help her fulfill the Prophecy of the Firstborn.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 4.25