Prince of Fire

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Prince of Fire

Children of the Sun - Book 2

Keelia is the Red Queen of Anwyn. She is a shape shifter and able to change forms at will into a wolf. Keelia is aware that a dangerous evil is slowly invading the lands. She has been having erotic dreams concerning an unknown lover for years. Keelia comes face to face with the man from her dreams, only it's as his captive when she is kidnapped and he tries to force her to remove the curse from his people. The man is Caradon, an enemy to her people, also his mind is closed to her, a trait that only her mate should have.

Joryn is Keelia's capture; he is also a shape shifter, different than Keelia, as he is a mountain lion when he changes shape. Once Joryn believes that Keelia did not curse his people, they form a truce, to stop the evil, and head to a woman known as Grandmother to Joryn's people, she is a powerful witch and it was at her command that Joryn capture Keelia. In the Prophecy of the Firstborn it states that the Red Queen will take a Caradon as a mate and they will bring peace to the land.

Prince of Fire is the second book in the new trilogy Children of the Sun by Linda Winstead Jones. This series is a continuation from the Sisters of the Sun trilogy. The firstborn children of the Fyne witches have grown and are trying to save their lands from evil. I enjoy continuing series like this and I enjoyed this book. The book was fast paced and well written. It will be joining my keep pile and I look forward to rereading it.

Book Blurb for Prince of Fire

Following the acclaimed Sisters of the Sun trilogy comes the Children of the Sun, a trilogy about the sisters' first-born children. Here in its second installment, Keelia, Queen of the Anwyn, falls for her shape-shifting kidnapper, but still cannot deny the ever-looming Prophecy of the Firstborn: She will betray love in the name of victory.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 4.00