Phantom of the Wind

The story takes place during a fragile peace between the Alliance and the Coalition. Kendall is a healer and former lover of the Phantom, Rory Quinn. For the last 2 years she has been trying to put Quinn and his memory behind her. She is the chief healer onboard a Coalition ship when she gets word that an important prisoner is being brought aboard for treatment. Quinn is the prisoner and she is shocked at his injuries and by how much she still cares for him.

Rory Quinn is the oldest illegitimate son of the King of Cengus. Cengus is the world where he received a letter of Marque to attack and plunder enemy ships during the war. Quinn is known as the Phantom and both he and his ship have the ability to disappear. He has been taken prisoner by the Coalition for his actions during the war. Quinn must try to win Kendall back as he awaits his move to free a fellow prisoner.

This book is a stand-alone; however, it does have some of the same characters and takes place in the same place as the WindVerse series. The author recommends reading the rest of the series to better enjoy the book; I can understand that request and I think I would have followed along better with the story line if I had, as I was lost when different people were brought into the storyline. The story leads to different worlds as Kendall and Quinn escape from his captivity and as they attempt to sort out their future. The story twists and turns as people from their past try to harm them. This story is a steamy and quick read, with detailed scenes and attention to detail given all aspects of the story.

Book Blurb for Phantom of the Wind


Healer Kendall Byrne's heart had been ripped apart two years earlier when Rory Quinn—Phantom—a swashbuckling thief, told her he was casting her aside. Burying herself in her work aboard the medivac ship the Slainte to forget him, Kendall tries to push all thoughts of Rory and the great love they had shared out of her mind. However, when she finds out the seriously injured prisoner being brought aboard her ship is none other than Rory Quinn—condemned to a horrible death at the hands of the Coalition—she knows she has an emotional battle on her hands.

Despite his terrible injuries, his handsome face brings back wicked memories that make her body burn for the cocky pirate. She realizes she will always love Rory Quinn and will ultimately do anything to make sure he remains safe.

Sacrifices made on both sides, a love so strong that Kendall and Quinn are willing to give up their own existence so the other might survive. Where friendships are forged and alliances made that will not be broken.

Note: While this novel is a standalone it does incorporates many of the characters from WindVerse's prior novels, therefore for higher reader enjoyment and understanding it is recommended reading these prior novels before Phantom of the Wind.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2007 2.50