Parallel Seduction

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Parallel Seduction

Midnight Warriors, Book 3

Scott Dillon is an alien hybrid and is second in command of the Refarian army. The army has come to Earth to battle the Antousians and to keep Earth from suffering the same fate as their home planet. While Scott battles with his feelings for a human female, Hope Harper, he also battles with his disgust at his past. Scott was raised by the Refarian's; however, he is Antousian.

Hope Harper is a FBI linguist, and due to her diabetes she is nearly blind. Hope does not allow her sickness to define her; in spite of them she is spunky and feisty. In the previous book, Parallel Heat, Hope and Scott are brought together while Scott is being held prisoner. After Scott escapes and Hope saves his life she accompanies him to the Refarian's compound. During their time together both Scott and Hope have erotic and beautiful dreams of them together in the future. Hope also has a dream in which Scott tells her to go with Jake Tierny when he comes.

Jake Tierny is a time traveler, he has come from the future to stop a traitor, and only once he gets to his past he discovers that his actions are no longer required. Unable to prove himself as an ally he escapes and during his escapes runs into Hope. He claims to Hope that he loves her deeply and that they shared a future. Hope leaves the compound with Jake, as her dream told her to, and she finds herself drawn to Jake, much in the same way she is drawn to Scott.

Jake, Hope and Scott must discover the truth of their futures while they attempt to stop the Antousian's from destroying Earth.

Parallel Seduction is the third book in the Midnight Warriors series by Deidre Knight. I devoured this book quickly and recommend ice cream for some of the scenes. I enjoyed the main characters and look forward to reading more of the wonderful secondary characters Ms. Knight has introduced. I have not yet read the other books in the series, however, I will be running out to buy them and I look forward to Parallel Desire, due out in December 2007.

Book Blurb for Parallel Seduction

Warrior Jake Tierny travels back in time to stop a traitor in his beloved king's camp. But when a twist of fate proves the mission unnecessary, Jake is trapped in a time not his own, with friends who cannot learn his true identity.

Scott Dillon may be the king's trusted lieutenant, but he is also a man at war with himself, a human hybrid who refuses to succumb to the Antousian nature he abhors-and that Jake Tierny embodies.

FBI linguist Hope Harper refuses to let near-blindness keep her from joining the Refarians in their war to defend mankind. Yet her sizzling attraction to both Scott and Jake, and the strange memories they share, force all three to question the core of their beliefs. As their enemies surround them, Hope knows she must choose one man for all time.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 4.50