New Tricks

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New Tricks

Thomasina (Thomas) Lafferty is a supernatural investigator. She has been hired to find a woman's dog, Ruffles. The woman swears that some large demon took Ruffles and during the investigation she meets an odd bookstore clerk, Charlie. As times are tough Thomas takes the case, where normally she wouldn't, trying to find the suspect in a dognapping.

Charlie initially shows interest in Thomas' investigation but quickly sends her on her way. He informs her that he doubts her sanity and that she should go home. While Thomas is waiting for the rain to slow, outside the bookstore, she notices Charlie leave, looking nothing like he had in the bookstore. She quickly follows him and overhears a conversation that leaves her confused and determined to find out the truth concerning the geeky, sexy bookstore clerk.

Thomas is soon discovered and Charlie speaks to her, where things quickly turn heated. As the truth of Charlie comes out so does one of his deepest threats, a Collector is out to get him. A Collector hunts and kills supernatural beings and keeps them as trophies.

More than meets the eye in this quick story. The scenes are fast paced and steamy. I found this story well written and look forward to reading more from Ms. Smyth in the future.

Book Blurb for New Tricks

Supernatural Investigator Thomas(ina) Lafferty is on the case -- well, sort of. She's supposed to be on the hunt for the demon who stole her client's dog, but all she can think about is the handsome new employee at her local bookshop.

Charlie is sexy enough that Thomas can forgive his love of comic books, and even better, he's not put off by her pushy attitude. But Thomas has her suspicions about him. What does he know about the dognapping case and why on earth does he get so dominant around the time of a full moon? And can Thomas really resist sticking around to find out?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 3.50