Mystik Warrior

Dark Warrior Alliance, #2

Brenda Trim and Tami Julka write a wonderful tale in the second book of the Dark Warrior Alliance series. Mystik Warrior continues to build from the first book of the series. The writers continue the stories of some of the people previously met in the first book and it is a joy to continue to see how they expand on them. Mystik Warrior was an absolute page turner and lots of fun to continue reading through the action packed pages. The love scenes were steamy and the plot was fun and interesting. I am looking forward to the rest of the series as the authors continue to build a believable world that is easy to lose yourself in. The next book is Deviant Warrior

Cailyn is the new vampire Queen's sister. She was introduced in Dream Warrior, the first book in the series. I was very glad to read Cailyn's story and to find out if she gets her own happily ever after. With her close tie to her sister and her own secrets that she hides she is a pleasure to get to know better. Jace is a sorcerer who is part of the Dark Warrior Alliance. With his tortured past and scars that won't heal he believes he isn't worth having a mate. He quickly realizes that Cailyn could be his mate and he is willing to stop at nothing to try to save her when her life is in danger. Will his efforts be enough to save her though?

Book Blurb for Mystik Warrior

After suffering a century of torture and humiliation, Jace still bears the scars that have left his heart closed to love and acceptance. He escapes the prison walls only to realize he's mystically bound to his tormentor. Believing he doesn’t deserve a Fated Mate, he keeps his distance from females. Renowned for being a level-headed warrior, his control is pushed to the limit when he meets the Vampire Queen’s sister. Not only is his patience tested by Cailyn, but his skills as a sorcerer are challenged when he fights to save her mortal soul.

Cailyn is instantly spellbound by the damaged soul she views in the sparkling depths of Jace’s amethyst eyes. The attraction is so strong that it forces Cailyn to question the direction of the life she has planned with another. Her mundane human life is shaken up by a violent car crash, a Fae spell, expeditions into the bayou, and battles with demons. Amidst the chaos, the developing bond between her and Jace strengthens, leaving their desire for one another undeniable. Of one thing Cailyn is certain, she must help Jace explore the depth of his scars to overcome the wounds of his tortured past and find a future…but will it be with her?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 5.00