Moon's Fury

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Moon's Fury

A Tale of the Sazi, Book 5

Cara Salinas is the new Sheriff of a small town in Texas. She has been the Alpha of her small pack of Mexican red wolves since she was thirteen. Little does she realize that her life and the lives of her pack members are in danger and about to change forever. To save her pack she must get past old prejudices and her own past.

Adam Mueller is a police officer from Minneapolis who has been sent down to Texas to relocate some of his pack after humans saw him, and his pack, on a hunt. Instead of killing the young humans who saw them, he killed his Alpha's son when he was challenged on his decision to not kill the humans. After that the pack was exiled to try to contain the damage.

Adam and Cara must work together to band the two packs together. However, there is a larger threat on the horizon. Feral Sazi are attacking humans and animals in Cara's small town. The two packs must work together to keep the pack safe and to rescue the children that have been attacked and turned. Cara and Adam find that they are mated and they must draw on that bond to stay alive.

Moon's Fury is the fifth book of the Sazi. I found the book well written, sizzling, intriguing and filled with fabulous characters that come across as real. It was great to see some of the former characters and learn how they are doing. Ms. Adams and Ms. Clamp definitely deliver another spell binding book and I look forward to the next book from these wonderful authors.

Book Blurb for Moon's Fury

Cara Salinas has been leading the small Mexican red wolf pack in Tedford County, Texas, since she was thirteen.
 Adam Mueller, formerly a beat cop from the toughest part of Minneapolis and now the new county sheriff, must find a way to integrate his exiled Minnesotan wolves with Cara's red wolves.
Cara and Adam clash in the way only fated mates ever do--and both refuse to accept their destiny.  But when a pack of vicious Sazi raptors start to feed on the wolf-children of both packs, Cara and Adam must learn to respect each other, and embrace their future together to save the future of the Texan wolves.
Hailed as the "premiere authors of paranormal romance" and "true genre luminaries" by Romantic Times BOOKreviews, and winners of the 2006 Romantic Times Award for Best Werewolf Romance for Moon's Web, Cathy Clamp & C. T. Adams are back with another tale of shapeshifters, passion, and pack politics in Moon's Fury.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.50