Measure Of A Man

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Measure Of A Man

Terran Realm Series

Ian Black is a solitary figure out to keep himself alive when he hears a shout in his head for help. He sees a woman running across the park at him with men chasing behind her and she needs help. Ian finds himself dragged into a world he never thought existed, and he finds it difficult to believe the story.

Mirabai is a psychiatrist and a Spirit Keeper for KOTE, Keepers of the Earth. A group made of a different species that are relearning their duties to keep the Earth in balance. Mira is investigating a place called the Center for Well Being, where thousands of people are joining believing that the Center will make everything better in the World. The leader is the dynamic Destroyer, Raymond Brody. Raymond was protecting a box for his father when Mira heard that it was very important and she decided to take it and run. This is where she comes into contact with Ian.

Ian agrees to help Mira get the box to KOTE, even though in the beginning he doesn't believe what is going on. As they get help from a Protector named Justin and are captured and escape they discover more about one another and learn to trust one another.

This book is a very good, quick read. Measure of a Man is the second in the Terran series. Ms. Dee has expanded nicely on the series and has a well-written book with much attention to detail. The first was Redemption by Keira Ramsay and the next two are Troubled Waters by Tiffany Aaron; and, Fruits of Betrayal by Bonnie Dee. I would recommend these books to others.

Book Blurb for Measure Of A Man

Ian Black believes in one thing--self-preservation. A petty criminal and drifter, he is cynical and solitary until the night his world collides with that of psychic healer, Mirabai Kashi. On the run from demagogue Raymond Brody, Mira has taken a mysterious box, containing a key component of the Destroyers' plan for obtaining world power. Ian learns about the Terran realm that exists simultaneously with humanity and becomes Mira's reluctant accomplice in transporting the box to KOTE headquarters. Through capture and torture, he is tested and discovers a conscience and capacity to love he never knew he possessed.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 4.00